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Episode Recap: Out of This World


As the group gets to know each other better, dynamics emerge: Megan wants to get closer to Conor, but Anthony can't get far enough away from Frank! He tells his roommates that if they have a team challenge, his only wish is that he's not paired with Frank.

McKenzie summons the group to a remote location in the crests of California rock. When they arrive, she has a special surprise for them: Academy award-winning artist Michael Westmore, make-up guru for the Star Trek franchise, and McKenzie's dad. The week's challenge is to create a full-bodied alien that could live on the newly discovered Gliese 581g, the only known planet that has the potential to support life as we know it. Michael proffers that the eyes are the key to a convincing alien. When Anthony hears he's been paired with Frank, he struggles to contain his fury.

Back at the lab they watch a video on the newly discovered planet, then make tracks on their two-day assignment. Marcel and Gage go for an albino living on the dark side of Gliese, Sam and Tate make a crab walker, Megan and Tom opt for a volcano dweller, Jo and Conor create a royal Gliesan, and Anthony and Frank - after an intense creative clash - decide on an exoskeletal creature.

It doesn't take long for the drama to heat up, when Frank shirks his project, sending Anthony over the edge. Megan, anxious at seeing Jo work with her new crush, can't seem to focus on her creature, making Tom more and more edgy. And everyone seems to be skeptical that Sam and Tate can complete their ambitious creation.

Day two happens to be Megan's birthday! Anthony makes her a cake, Conor gives her a special cupcake (no euphemism, just cuteness) and Jo couldn't care less. The work continues, and Frank and Anthony aren't the only mismatch: Tom and Megan are bickering like siblings. And as the day winds down, Sam and Tate realize that their mold is not going to be ready, and their project is doomed. Without a word, all of the artists swoop in, racing to help their competitors. The whole group is on the same team, and Sam and Tate are saved.

Application day arrives, and tensions get even higher. Everyone scrambles to wrap up, then they head to the judges' circle. The first verdict is that Sam and Tate are safe for the week. Glenn then praises the detail of Conor and Jo's work, but Frank and Anthony are raked across the coals for their mismatch concept. Each partner blames the other. Marcel and Gage expect the worst, but get kudos. When Megan and Tom are judged, it's a repeat of the sabotage Frank and Anthony pulled out. The judges are not pleased.

They name Conor the overall winner, and his suggestion for the week's cut is Tom, for his abandonment of Megan. But because of his consistently poor attitude, the judges send Frank packing - and he's thrilled! With a mix of relief at being out of the hectic competition and a sense that he needs to learn how to collaborate, he sets on his way.

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