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Episode Recap: Sinister Showdown Part 2

The final three must finish their looks for a horror short. Who won Face Off Season 10?


The monsters are here … the naïfs are possessed … and it's time to make some movies!

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But first, it's cry time, that point in the finale when we bring in the artists' loved ones to remind them what they're working for and why they want to win. Melissa hugs the goop out of her adorable son and husband, Rob gets some pep and vigor from his mom and pops and Walter's spirits are buoyed by his beautiful wife. All family members will be here for the finale, making the moment even more special!

Melissa's team, aptly nicknamed Team Badass, is up first with director John Wynn. Big M and her team have made the changes John requested, and they're looking fiiiine. The scarring on the demon's chest is higher and has more depth and variation than before, and the Cycloptic eye pulsates a brighter, gorier red. The possession makeup incorporates more of the natural elements of the set to better convey the feeling that the weak human is being consumed by oil and branches. The judges are digging it, the director's digging it, things are looking good.

Next up is Rob, who perhaps had the most to do between the camera test and the shoot day per the changes requested by director Bryce James McGuire. His possession makeup, co-conjured with horror veteran Anna, is a sleeked-out version of the original, with features so subtly altered that, though the human structure is still visible, all humanity is gone. The demon, too, went in for a make-under, and his facial contours are smoother, making the dribbly oil stand out that much more. All of this is brought together by a subtly layered paint job that makes those hellish eyes POP! Work it, demon!

Finally, Walter has his day, and his demon character is so massive that when he steps out of the van, the judges audibly gasp. The already massive model is made taller by a branch-like cowl lifting out of his head, and his tree-trunk legs are so wide that he has to swagger towards set. Watching the playback monitor as they shoot under the direction of Ryan Spindell, Glenn notes that the vines of the possession makeup feel as if they're affecting the skin and musculature of the human victim's face, pushing it up and out and giving animation to a technically static makeup.

Judgment Day arrives (you know, the day when the judges decide the winner) and all three directors, and guest judge Jason Blum, are there to cheer on the artists and say nice things about how creative and talented they are. The judges and directors, along with the artists, their families, and all this season's cast, watch the three films based on the same short story but with vastly different interpretations. What they have in common, however, is their ability to put you off home ownership anytime soon! With demons like this, who needs neighbors?

It's an incredibly tough race -- each film is gorgeous and frightening in its own way –- but the judges name the winner: it's Rob! His Japanese horror-inspired duo were so frightening and original, the judges will have nightmares for weeks –- and they'll love it. Rob flushes red with joy and hugs his parents, and Melissa and Walter, happy for their comrade, are grateful for the mastery they've gained through this challenging yet rewarding playground.