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Episode Recap: Wanted Dead or Alive

Inspired by a wanted poster and spaceship, the artists must create their own intergalactic bounty hunter.


Today, McKenzie welcomes fourteen fresh-faced artists into a Golden Age theater. Over the coming weeks, these faces will change forever through the sweat and ardor of the Spotlight Challenges, the demands to their artistry, the virtual slaps in the face from Glenn, and the literal slaps in the face when they get too handsy with Neville.

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They're randomly paired up for their first challenge: an intergalactic alien bounty hunter, inspired by vivid illustrations of the hunters' spaceships. Mr. Westmore's first lab walkthrough inspires the usual celeb-sighting jaws on the floor and excited giggles and too-firm handshakes. Skeptical Johnny and eager Ant are an ill-fitting pair, wanting different styles for their hunter and finding a rocky road to compromise. Not so with mellow Jennifer and self-described A-type Mel, who design some killer dreadlocks to go with the plasma pipes on their hunter's ship. Jennifer's many years of making Halloween costumes for her kids are clutch when the duo has a dreadlock emergency and she has to whip those babies on the cowl with a needle and thread! First in the Mold Room Prize goes to Rob, while Robert wins Best Use of a Metallic Wig.

Steady Walter and dynamic Kaleb agree with Mr. Westmore that their dude's chin looks a lot like Jay Leno's. They also agree that that's a bad thing and spend some quality time resculpting it. Shy Greg, partnered with confident Yvonne, takes Mr. Westmore's advice to slip the face sculpt into something less simian, but all he comes up with is a plane with sharp, square edges. It doesn't match Yvonne's more organic, rippled cowl, but worst of all, it reflects virtually no work. The judges nick them for both these points, and they wind up on Bottom Looks. Ant and Johnny join them as their lack of team spirit shows in the rough muddiness of their character. But to paraphrase Glenn, they're in the business of judging makeup, and since Greg had very little to judge, he is the first of FO: X to go home.

Prolific Melissa and effervescent Anna share the Top Looks podium with Kaleb and Walter. All players worked well with their partner's creativity to produce original, gorgeous bounty hunters. Melissa and Anna churned out heaps and piles of work without sacrificing detail, especially in the florid cowl, and they tied the design really well into the ship. The judges love the way Kaleb and Walter incorporated their bounty hunter's planet into its look and put layers upon layers of color into the paint job.

But as we all know, there can be only one (winner of the Spotlight Challenge), and this week it's … MELISSA! Go on with ya bad self!