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Our Top Looks: Season 10, Episode 14

Season 10 goes out with a demonic roar.

By Bryan Enk

Whew, what a season!

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The official champion of Face Off Season 10 may be Rob Seal, but in our book, everyone's a winner. All three finalists -- Rob, Walter and Melissa -- did amazing work as they conjured demons and possessed victims from the bowels of haunted oil fields, sending off Season 10 with a rip-roaring trio of horror shorts. Let's take a look ...

  1. Hell Hole: Repossession (Team Melissa)

    Melissa won the Cyclops challenge (Episode 10), and she managed to top that work with her second Cyclops creation of the season. Look at this thing: its got oil oozing out of holes in its chest, and its damn forehead is on fire.


    Here's Melissa's possessed victim. Oof, tough break, laddie.


  2. Hell Hole: Dark Harvest (Team Walter)

    Walter's demon is our personal favorite. Look at this beast. He's like the Hulk of demons.


    He's like Pumpkinhead on steroids.


    He's like ... DEMON HULK SMASH!!


    Walter's possessed victim has a damn vine going into her eye. Horrible.


    Here's a better look, courtesy of some cool lightning effects.


  3. Hell Hole: Dead Earth (Team Rob)

    Yeah, Rob's demon is pretty sweet. Reminiscent, somewhat, of one of the forms Gary Oldman took in Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992).


    He's even creepier with mood lighting.


    And his is our favorite of the possessed victims. This is some nightmarish stuff right here.


That's a wrap for Season 10! We'll be back for Season 11.