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Our Top Looks: Season 10, Episode 3

Contains some strong language(s). And some strong characters!

By Bryan Enk

How the heck do you construct a character out of a made-up language, courtesy of professional language maker-upper David Peterson (Game of Thrones)? In the latest episode of Face Off, the artists proved that sometimes inspiration can come from the back of the throat, through the teeth and under the tongue. Let's see.

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Season 10, Episode 3: "Lost Languages"

Top Looks (Judges):
Anna & Yvonne (Top Team; Winner: Yvonne)
Mel & Kaleb

Our Top Looks:

  1. Mel & Kaleb

    We agreed with the judges on this one as a Top Look, though we would've given this stunning serpent-like creation the Top Spot. Maybe it's the Star Trek fan in us ... we could see this thing taking on Captain Kirk on some desert planet, and maybe even winning.


    Here's a closer look. Feel the power of language!


    Here he is with his proud parents, Mel & Kaleb. Dig that staff.


    Here he is alongside the artifact that also provided some inspiration in his creation. So cool.


  2. Rob & Walter (Safe)

    The wolf head isn't the best, but we really love everything else about Rob & Walter's cat-like character. There's a deleted scene from The Revenant where Leo has to fight this guy, too.


    So fierce. So frightening.


    Yeah, again, that wolf cowl ... eh. Then again, the show's not called Cowl Off, right? (Though, for the record, it's Yvonne's cowl work that got her the win this week.)


    Here he is with his proud papas, Walter & Rob.


Next Week: Season 10, Episode 4: "Covert Characters."