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Our Top Looks: Season 10, Episode 5

Alien parasites bursting forth from a hapless host? Lovely and gross.

By Bryan Enk

Alien parasites bursting forth from a hapless host? Lovely and gross.

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Season 10, Episode 5: "Foreign Bodies"

Top Looks (Judges):
Rob & Kaleb (Top Team; Winner: Rob)
Mel & Melissa

Our Top Looks:

  1. Mel & Melissa

    For the record, we rated this one above Rob & Kaleb's masterpiece only because it features a deflated, melted human face on the left shoulder. So gross.


    Here's a closer look. Gross.


    Also, dig those teeth. They're human teeth, 'cause the alien parasite contains some human DNA. GROSS.


    Here's this demented creature with its proud mamas, Mel & Melissa.


  2. Rob & Kaleb

    Arguably the most (relatively) subtle of all the gruesome creations this week, Rob & Kaleb's creature perfectly incorpoated Lance Henriksen's suggested approach of the element of surprise. Facing front, and from a distance, there's no big deal to this guy, right? But get a little closer ...


    ... and you start to see the nightmarish details going on. And if you pan to a profile ...


    ... things are really starting to look downright nasty. Now, continue the pan to the back of the head and ...


    ... AHHHH!!!! Horrible.


    Here's this unfortunate fellow with his proud papas.


Next Week: "Death's Doorstep."