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The Faces of Face Off: Season 10, Episode 10

Behold the faces of the rosy-fingered Dawn.

By Bryan Enk

If you've ever read The Odyssey (and, if you ever went to high school, you probably did), you know that a Cyclops is not a beast with which to mess. It'll gobble up two of your men without a second thought, bragging that it's greater than Zeus himself the entire time. As such, creating a Cyclops made for a daunting task for the Face Off artists, who each chose their own unique eyeball floating in goo to inspire their, er, singular vision.

  1. Eyes have special powers. Hypnotic powers.


  2. Trance-like powers.


  3. Careful you don't fall under their spell.


  4. They can make you do ... strange things.


  5. Curious things.


  6. Crazy things.


  7. Or plunge you into the Pit of Despair. 


  8. After the artists succumbed to the power of the Eyes, how did their Cyclopses turn out?


  9. The judges were either stoic in their response ...


  10. ... or kinda ehhhhh ...


  11. ... or Shocked and Amazed!


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And with that, they greeeted the rosy-fingered Dawn.

Next Week: Season 10, Episode 11: "The Art of Warcraft."