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The Faces of Face Off: Season 10, Episode 2

Whimsy always brings the memorable expressions.

By Bryan Enk

The great '80s television series Pee-wee's Playhouse featured several inanimate objects reimagined as talking characters, such as Chairry, Globey, Clocky and, in later seasons, Chandelier.

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In "Child's Play," the artists of Face Off were charged with creating their own toy character come to life, inspired by inanimated objects such as a watch, racecar, lollipop and playing dice.

  1. ... a task to be guest judged by none other than Pee-wee himself, Paul Reubens! (He wasn't always amused by the outcome.)


  2. For some of the artists, the challenge was a dream come true. It brought back many wonderful childhood memories for Mel, who spent most of the episode looking like she was about to burst into song.


  3. For others, not so much. The challenge brought alarm bells for Njoroge (or, perhaps, not-so-wonderful childhood memories).


  4. And Yvonne was just ... confused.


  5. In keeping with the Pee-wee's Playhouse vibe, it got a bit rowdy in the lab. Walter and Ant had to join forces to restore order and discipline.


  6. Hey, if you were a Crayon Man, you'd look at yourself in the mirror all day, too.


  7. And if you were a Watch Man, the constant ticking in your head (and on your face) would put you into a permanent stupor, too.


  8. And if you were Board Game Man, you couldn't help but be unintentionally creepy, right?

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  9. Ultimately, whimsy won the day. As it does.


Next Week: Season 10, Episode 3: "Lost Languages."