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The Faces of Face Off: Season 10, Episode 5

It's all fun and Face Off until an alien parasite bursts out of your face, right?

By Bryan Enk

It's all fun and Face Off until an alien parasite bursts out of your face, right? The artists dove face-first into the danger of "Foreign Bodies" as they conjured otherworldly beasties inspired by real-life microorganisms, a task that made for perhaps the grossest episode of Face Off to date.

  1. I mean, just look at this. What the heck is that thing coming out of the back of her damn head? Gross.


  2. Here's the man responsible for Hans the Brain Worm (yes, of course it has a name). Laugh it up, Robert.


  3. Poor Johnny could barely contain his nausea.


  4. Melissa kind of freaked out, too.


  5. Not Lance Henriksen, though; he loves this kinda stuff, after gooey turns in Aliens, Near Dark, Pumpkinhead and the like.


  6. Though it got even a little too visceral for him at times ...


  7. ... much to Robert's surprise.


  8. By that point, nothing could faze Johnny ...


  9. ... which is why he led the slime-covered farewell hug to our dear Katie.


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Next Week: "Death's Doorstep."