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The Faces of Face Off: Season 10, Episode 6

It's time to bring the whimsy. And the DEATH.

By Bryan Enk

It's time to bring the whimsy. And the DEATH, as "Death's Doorstep" had the artists conjuring goofy ghost characters inspired by comic obituaries (think the waiting room in Beetlejuice and you're pretty much there).

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Actually, creating whimsical characters doesn't always inspire whimsy in Face Off artists ...

  1. Sometimes, as in the case with Melissa, it sparks seething anger.


  2. Or, in the case of Kaleb, that fine line between excitement and panic.


  3. Johnny had his early reservations about the challenge ...


  4. ... but then he nodded off.


  5. Back in the lab, Walter went into stealth mode as he spotted an intruder in the workplace.


  6. Oh, wait, it was just Mel.


  7. Really, whimsy is tough. And the Westmores aren't afraid to show their disapproval when it's just not happening.


  8. It's tough on the models, too, as they're forced to bend and mush their features into odd shapes just to fit the bizarre prosthetics.


  9. Ve loves it, though. She would. She worked on Beetlejuice.


Next Week: Season 10, Episode 7: "The Gauntlet II."