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The Faces of Face Off: Season 10, Episode 7

The Gauntlet. It's back. And with it ... so many emotions.

By Bryan Enk

The Gauntlet. It's back. And with it ... so many emotions.

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And so many faces.

For the most part, The Gauntlet -- with its series of three increasingly difficult Foundation Challenges -- inspires mostly fear and/or hate. But a few other feelings and actions tend to sneak in as well.

  1. Rob tried to take the zen approach whilst Melissa thought the whole thing was a put-on.


  2. Rob eventually realized anything resembling calm was futile and Melissa soon become a true believer.


  3. Mel contemplated tearing her own throat out. This is not uncommon with The Gauntlet.


  4. Robert broke into sweet song. (This probably comes as a surprise to no one.)


  5. This guy ... well, this guy just kind of went blank and never came back.


  6. Glenn, as a judge, loves The Gauntlet. Look at that maniacal glee.


  7. Hey ... who's the guy looking right into the camera? What's up, rookie?


Next Week: Season 10, Episode 8: "Smoke and Mirrors."