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The Faces of Face Off: Season 10, Episode 8

You may gaze into the mirror, but the mirror also gazes into you ...

By Bryan Enk

You may gaze into the mirror, but the mirror also gazes into you ...

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This week, the artists entered the world of dark fairy tales as they were charged with creating the evil alter egos of beautiful sorceresses. Keep in mind that "Smoke and Mirrors" is the first episode of the second half of Face Off Season 10, which means it's all downhill from here ... and the pressure's really on!

  1. One of the models took a method approach to her character and almost erased Mel (and her iPad) from existence.


  2. Anna was able to bring her back to our plane of existence with a spell involving throwing water on her.


  3. Anna. She does what needs doing.


  4. Mel was a bit rattled by the experience, which inspired some rather unorthodox makeup methods this week. Like smearing coffee grounds all over her model's head.


  5. Her model considered making a run for it but later admitted that her fascination kept her in the chair. (It kinda smelled good, too.)


  6. Robert tried to conjure his own dark alter ego from his reflection in the mirror. It didn't work (thank the gods).


  7. Mr. Westmore tried to describe what his hideous self would look like. Mortals dare not look upon it!


  8. Ahhhh!!!!


Next Week: Season 10, Episode 9: "Bottled Up."