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What's It Like to Be a Face Off Model?

Ever wonder what it's like to be a Face Off model? Come on in.

By Bryan Enk

By the end of a season of Face Off, you've gotten to know the artists pretty well as you've joined them in the paint-soaked trenches of makeup creation and application. But those on whom that makeup is applied challenge after challenge remain pretty much anonymous ... even though a handful of them have been with the show for years.

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We're speaking, of course, of the models of Face Off, those black-clad beauties who bound into the lab on Application Day ready to be transformed into otherworldly beings. They're the highly trained, specialized infantry of Face Off, the living canvasses on which the artists show off their skills. They're rarely referred to by name and they're never interviewed on screen, acknowledging the various cameras only fleetingly, if at all.

What's the Face Off experience like for them? How many hours is the entire process, from first sitting in the chair to getting all the makeup removed? How do they eat with all that stuff on their face? How much do they have the artists' backs when the judges come in for Closer Looks? And how much does it pay, anyway?

Some light has been shed on the Face Off model experience thanks to the gang at Reality Blurred, who have interviewed Matt Chris Wood and Isabelle Du, two Face Off models whom you'll most definitely recognize but probably never knew by name until now.

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