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Episode Recap: Odd Couples

The remaining teams must create two fantastical creatures who are complete opposites.


Time to double up! In this week’s elimination challenge, the partners will make not one, but two makeups drawn from not one, but two genres: fantasy, and comedy. The goal this week is to make two fantasy characters into madcap odd couples, a la Shrek and Donkey, or Legolas and Gimli. Each team chooses two models, already outfitted in body suits that give them goofy proportions, and armed with character types such as Naiad or Minotaur.

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Worry seems to be good for Ben and Evan this week, who fret over their married old wood elf and young Minotaur to near perfection. The judges don’t love the elf, but the proportions and wet nose of the big guy have them falling in love.

For a crusty old goblin and a young, sweet faun, Emily and Tyler know they need a lot of hair. Emily coaches Ty-ty in the ways of the wig, and he makes some excellent headpieces. And belly pieces. And chin pieces. Like we said, it’s a lot of hair. The facial expressions and posture of the characters deliver the comedy immediately, and the technical proficiency catapults them to top looks.

George and Cig – you may have noticed – LOVE to make things funny, so their concept comes fairly easily to them. Grizzlemaw is a spitfire of a dwarf and Mutton is a big, dumb, lovable ogre. George takes point on Grizzlemaw’s face, slipping into his happy place of crafting super realistic silicone pieces. He knows he’s taking a risk making an old age makeup, but it’s worth it – Ve says it just may be the best silicone they’ve seen on the show. Booyah! That’s a win this week.

Adam and Logan are not having fun with this one – they took such a beating at their last showing, and Adam has had setback after setback on his Naiad character. When his cowl piece doesn’t turn out, he more or less has a meltdown in the lab – the struggle is that real. What he winds up putting onstage is not at all what he envisioned, and the judges put them on the chopping block once again.

Melissa and Keaghlan are also struggling. They realize too late that the tone they took for their old married couple – a fairy and troll on vacation on Earth – is a little too silly. Add to that a sculpture that doesn’t read “fairy” and a paint job that’s too flat, and you find Team MerWolf headed home. They made some amazing looks, and we’re proud of everything they did.