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Episode Recap: Snow Queens

Inspired by unique snowflakes, the teams must create their own Snow Queen character. 


The competition's about to get ICED like a latte...  ICED like a donut... ICED like a... We'll work on that metaphor and make it something tougher. It's going to be a chilling challenge (got it!) because the artists are taking the iconic image of a snow queen, drawing inspiration from a unique snowflake, making it their own… and they have only two days to do it. And it’s an elimination week. Mush!

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Ben and Evan had 2-day challenges on Season 9, so they assume they have the workflow down. But you know what happens when you assume... you make a lot less work than your competitors and wind up stressed out on the reveal stage. Their idea of a Black Ice Queen is cool (no pun intended (no, really)), but it takes the judges a minute to realize that her shimmering green and black dress represents that dangerous ice on the road. Plus, the ice that’s meant to be reaching up her face from her neck looks like a beard from afar.

Cig and George have immunity this week, so they decide to take a creative risk and put a translucent face prosthetic over a frostbite makeup. The result is intriguing, though the judges don’t feel it’s right for this challenge.

Logan and Adam balance each other well this week, with Adam focusing on fabricating a suit of snowflake armor for their exiled Amazonian queen and Logan sculpting and painting his heart out. A final touch of black contacts and dark red lipstick takes their queen from beautiful, to scary, to top looks.

Emily brings her love of landscape painting (her other dream job) into the makeup this week by creating Queen Evergreen with Tyler. She is part tree, part snow, and the coming spring is making her melt. The subtle browns and tans complement the greys and purples in the paint job, and the sculpting of the bark and branches is sublime. This is their third week in top looks – and their first win!!

Cat and Niko don’t know how to feel about their concept. They were excited about the “Statue of Liberty” type forms in their snowflake, but two days is a real quick trip down Creativity Lane, and they’re not certain they made the right choices. Keaghlan and Melissa also started with a concept they liked, but when the face prosthetics make the beautiful model look masculine, they feel that oh-so-familiar rush of panic as their work is presented before the judges.

The meager silver lining is that their instincts were right: Both teams are on bottom looks. This is a gut-wrenching decision for the judges, since there’s so much history and love between them and the contestants, after all this time. But they have to eliminate someone, and it’s with a tearful benediction that Ve tells Cat and Niko how much they’ll be missed.