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Episode Recap: The Devil Is in The Details

The teams must create an angel and a devil character, but have to merge them onto one model. 


At the end of every challenge, McKenzie announces the best and the worst of the week. But for this challenge, the contestants will start by finding the best and the worst of themselves. Drawing on the mythology of Angels and Devils, the teams of two will create a double makeup – two makeups on one model – that embodies one of their worst traits, and one of their best. 

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Cat and Nico, being in the unique position of being a couple, take the challenge one layer deeper: they decide to make the positive and negative traits not just about themselves, but about their relationship. Since they're getting ready to take that next step in their relationship, they use the archetype of a beautiful bride, fiercely loyal, but also consumed by jealousy. Her beautiful, loyal side will be a simple yet exquisite beauty make up while the jealousy will be destroying her from the inside out, and appear as a necrotic vein pattern consuming her face and body. Cat envisions enormous wings – like, the kind of wings that are wide enough to support a human being – and though Nico is nervous about taking on such a literally massive challenge, he believes in Cat’s vision and assembles the wings with feathers all. The way. Across. That’s love! When the model steps out and her wingspan is nearly half the stage, it's clear this is a top look. 

Ben and Evan also get the idea for wings, but after their turn on bottom looks last week, they're super cautious. They decide to pump the brakes and focus on delivering a technically perfect, shimmering angel who is being devoured by a demonic face. Their positive trait is creativity, and the negative is self-doubt. They managed to avoid the latter, LIVE the former, and land in top looks. These guys are in… ahem… Heaven.

Adam and Logan also had a demon-eats-angel notion, but their result was less successful. The anatomy, always a lynchpin, was off, and the golden bronze coloring of the angel felt more Las Vegas, less heaven. They're on the chopping block and, well, praying to whoever's listening. 

Jasmine and Stella headed to the lab with no concept, traditionally spelling a tour of bottom looks – or in the verbiage of this challenge, "Hell". When they get to the lab, they sort of figure things out, but Mr. Westmore doesn't love their concept, they wind up at loggerheads until the last minute. It’s clear that stubbornness is a negative trait they can agree on, but is the bullheaded cowl piece enough to give them another week – if not everlasting life?

No. It’s not. This is their second week as a bottom look, a fact Glenn and Co. can’t overlook. Their judgment is damning. We light a candle in memoriam of these two souls, the first of many to be harvested by the festival of Face Off.