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Episode Recap: Journey Into Fear: Part 2

Twists abound for the final three’s haunted house challenge. Who will be named winner of Face Off Season 12?


Finally, the finale. The final finale, since last week was the teaser “oh god who’s gonna win” finale that drove us all crazy with anticipation. As you may remember, Glenn issued the further edict that each shop would have to create a third “floater” character (those weirdoes who wander through the crowd in the warm-up area and scare the bejeezus outta you). To get through this extra work, he and McKenzie bring in some extra help – Al, Laura, and Nick. Welcome back, nerds! We missed ya.

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The concept for the floaters, all insect/human hybrids, will be sent to the teams via electronic tablet, colloquially known as “iPads”, and then it’s up to the artists to bring them to life. Andrew goes all in with his cockroach man, putting Nick on the sculpture of a full face and cowl reminiscent of a roach’s carapace. Eew! Kierstin, whose character is scorpion-inspired, capitalizes on the blend of human and arachnid to drive empathy and fear. KC picks up on a great suggestion from her teammate, Jill, and makes the proboscis for her fly character skeletal and oozing pus. Judging from the screams and cringes of the audience as they wait to be ushered into “Journey Into Fear,” we’d say all three characters are a success.

The audience, led by a ghost girl with a melted face and haunting eyes, enter Andrew’s chamber first. They lean in to see the ghoulish details of the mad doctor’s face, only to be scared out of their skin by the lunge of the monster on the slab. The screams are the real judge in this room, and they are ringing out success for Andrew and his team!

Next comes Kierstin’s conjuring room, with two imposing Anubis statues, a portal into another dimension (that the audience can actually walk through!), a reimagined conjurer, and a beetle demon with a totally reworked silhouette and claws. Kierstin took Glenn’s input and ran with it – ran just as fast as our audience from room to room! The screams are quieter here, but the look of worry implies a deeper fear…

Finally the audience reaches Hell….Oops! says the ghost girl. KC and her team revamped the imp character to bring more of a harpy look, especially to the nose, and when he jumps forward to chasten the audience they jump out of their shoes! …and then they leave them there as they tear out of the room – Asmodeus, King of Hell comes hurtling towards them on a giant throne, his reimagined, five-foot crown of horns cutting through the air.

The judges and the artists have a great time watching everyone shriek and scatter – “Journey Into Fear” is a success! The feeling of camaraderie and joy is rampant as they take their places on the final stage, to find out who will win.

The judges sing the praises of everyone – KC, who jumped into the challenge and brought a massive scope to what could’ve been a basic build; Andrew, who nailed the concept of his characters, especially the mad scientist; Kierstin, who found her confidence and let it drive her immense talent. It’s a very tough finale, but the time must come… and Glenn announces Andrew as the winner! He did terrific work, and his very worthy competition congratulates him.