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Episode Recap: Possessed Possessions

The artists must create looks for the owners of possessed objects. Cheyenne Jackson guest judges.


Time to get your creep on! This week’s challenge is all about eerie objects haunting the unfortunates who encounter them. Twisted Six, led this week by first-time foreperson Phil, chooses a collection that could fit into the 1950s. Phil, for example, has a mid-century baby carriage, and envisions a mother who was so overworked that her baby drowned while she was bathing it. The ghost of the child now possesses her with grief. Andrew is excited about this idea because he gets to help his teammate by sculpting a dead baby. For some people, dreams really do come true.

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Andrew’s main focus is a child who plays with the wrong tricycle and gets possessed by the evil little boy who owned it first. Andrew goes for mummified lips and a distended forehead to bring the childlike, but evil, aspects forward on his adult model. KC has an old-timey camera that steals the souls of those photographed by it. Those souls then try to claw their way into the eyes of the new camera owner.

Ethereal Effects is back under the watchful eye of Nelson, who lends an excellent concept to Faina. She has a murderous typewriter, and Nelson suggests that a World War II reporter is channeling the horrors of all of the souls killed in his stories. Suzanne is really swinging for the fences with a possessed clock that deludes its owner, a beautiful bride, into thinking she’s passing through a portal that makes her 70-some years older. She’s doing a 50-50 beauty/age makeup, AND building a plexiglass clockface/portal. Oh, and did we mention they only have two days?

That last fact is freaking Kierstin out. She has a radio that is possessing a young man via sound waves. She has the great idea to have the nerves and blood vessels burst around that area, and creates an amazing mottling paint job to tell that story – but she hits a creative roadblock when it comes to ideas for prosthetics. Nelson, whose possessed violin player is cutting herself with her own violin bow, tries to encourage confidence in her, but she’s pretty darn stuck.

As it turns out, the judges – including guest judge Cheyenne Jackson of American Horror Story – also wish Kierstin had done more. Her stippling and mottling is exemplary, but her lack of appliances puts her in bottom looks. Meeting her there, for the opposite reason, is Suzanne. She tried to do so much that she didn’t execute the key elements well. And of course Nelson joins them – his character was interesting, but as foreperson, he needed to help his shopmates more than he did. Glenn calls Suzanne’s name, and her sunny disposition can’t be overcome even by being sent home. She heads out knowing she’s met some amazing people and learned some amazing things.

The only top look from Ethereal Effects was Faina’s milky-eyed, sharp-boned war reporter. He looks like he’s gonna steal your soul with his gaze, but that’s not enough to win the challenge for her shop this week. That’s right: Twisted Six gets their first win!!

Their top looks were Phil’s mourning mother and Andrew’s malnourished child. The judges love Andrew’s eerie proportions and unnerving skin tones so much, they have to name him winner. He’s super proud to have helped the Twisted to victory!