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Episode Recap: String Theory

The artists must bring the four seasons to life for a dance to be choreographed by Travis Wall.


The contestants enter beautiful Descanso Gardens, a sprawling botanical preserve, to the sublime sounds of Vivaldi’s “Four Seasons”. McKenzie tells them that, using these concerti as inspiration, they’ll create four characters, one for each season. To solve the little problem of Twisted Six only having three Twisties by shifting Andrew from Ethereal to Twisted. The Ethereal folks are bummed, but foreperson Kierstin is ready to take him on as an opponent, and Andrew’s ready to turn it around for Twisted.

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Foreperson KC guides her team to focus on foliage and fine art as unifying factors for their creations – she, herself, chooses the bold strokes of Van Gogh when designing Summer. Andrew, in listening to Vivaldi’s “Spring,” is reminded of his mother’s rose garden. Since the makeup’d models will all be performing in a dance choreographed by Emmy winner/guest judge Travis Wall, Andrew decides to make a graceful rose-ballerina hybrid. Jersey boy Phil revels in the range of colors of Autumn’s foliage, while Joseph’s Winter… is… um, he’s not really sure yet.

But by the time Mr. Westmore arrives in the lab – well, he’s still not sure. Mr. Westmore encourages him to make some kind of swirly something with the snowflakes he’s already sculpted, and Andrew pitches some creative ideas that get Joseph back on track. KC is feeling cautiously optimistic about her team’s direction, but when her own mold locks at the end of day 2, the panic starts to creep in. With all hands on deck, they pop that sucker open and pour the foam with just seconds on the clock. As Phil says to Andrew, “Welcome to the Twisted Six!” Disaster narrowly averted.

Kierstin has been keeping her cool as she guides her shop, but it may be taking a toll on her own work. When her mold doesn’t fill completely, she has to take extra time to patch her forehead piece – the crown jewel of her Summer Princess’ look. This means less time for paint and hair, and she for sure hears about that on the reveal stage! The judges bemoan the incomplete beauty makeup on the model’s face, and Travis notes that the wig and costume obscured the dance rather than enhancing it.

Joseph’s work is also at the bottom – not only did his lack of a solid concept hurt him in the execution of the sculpt, but his paint colors started slipping together, and he suffered by layering on way too much white. The judges know he’s a talented artist, but this is his week to go home. He leaves with the hope that at least he got to show everyone how much fun it is to be a makeup artist!

This is the first week that both top looks come from Twisted Six, though in a first for this season, there is no winning shop. Andrew produced such a graceful character, with gorgeous sculpting of green tendrils that blended into 3D-looking body paint, that Travis Hall is able to call it his favorite look of all. KC translated not only the music of Vivaldi but also the energy of Van Gogh into the swirls and heat of her sculpt and her paint, and delivered a dynamic piece that transcends genre. When her name is called as the winner, our girl literally says,”What?!” followed quickly by a “Thank you so much!” You might be surprised, KC, but we see what you’re up to. She is one to watch in the coming weeks of this competition!