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Episode Recap: Haunted Hotel

In this week’s elimination challenge, the artists battle head-to-head as they create the quirky and ghostly staff of a haunted hotel.


The second double elimination week has arrived, and the artists are a little jumpy. This isn’t helped by the fact that they walk into the lab to find McKenzie all done up in ghostly makeup, filing decrepit letters into cobwebbed mailboxes behind a hotel reception desk. Without breaking character, she tells the artists they’re tasked with finding all of the hotel’s employees, who disappeared a year ago. They have only two days to do so – the scariest part so far! Upon their return, these employees will certainly be different from when they left: spookier, quirkier, and not at all alive.

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Damien won last week’s challenge, meaning he gets the help of makeup effects veteran Mike Mekash, whose credits include American Horror Story: Hotel. Talk about a perfect match! They have a great time shaping out Damien’s gluttonous chef, and it feels like the blink of an eye before he has to leave Damien to fend for himself.

Yvonne chooses “handyman” from the list of job titles, and soon into the sculpting phase, regrets it: in her season, she built a spooky, silly handyman character! But she manages to push the doubt out of her mind and focus on making a great piece. Mel, who has struggled in past challenges with her concept, is moving ahead full force on this one: her hotel maid character walked in on someone famous having an affair, and was strangled for witnessing that.

Kevon has decided to make a clear, focused makeup this time – some of his past makeups have been a little abstract, and he wants to turn that around. He faces Mel this week, but his maid has been cleaning so long she’s basically turned into a feather duster. He builds a giant, fluffy wig that sticks straight up, and covers the model with spider webs made of hot glue. This is a top look, and he’s incredibly proud.

Joining him in top looks is Matt, who presents a purple and green emaciated chef with forks and knives sticking out of his body like misplaced quills. This character was suicidal, and poisoned a feast to kill himself, and everyone else. Although the choice was not unanimous this week (we have a sense Neville was the holdout), Matt earns his first win!

Kelly, Yvonne, and Mel find themselves on bottom looks. Kelly knew her sculpt was going south when the anatomy just didn’t look right, and knew it even harder when she arrived at last looks to find she left her brushes at the lab. Mel created a character that was supposed to be dead, but looked perhaps livelier than the judges. And Yvonne’s handyman had some illogical wrinkle patterns, and a paint job that fell flat. It’s an incredibly tough decision, but the judges send Kelly and Yvonne home. Everyone knows these two will continue to do so much great work, and we can’t wait to see them shine.