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Episode Recap: Moonlight Monsters

In the first elimination challenge of the season, the artists battle it out as they create fun and lighthearted monsters inspired by real life day jobs.


Last week was a wild ride, but the stakes are even higher this week due to those two
dreaded words: Double Elimination. The challenge is to make a fuzzy monster – cute
and cuddly, with actual day jobs, a la Monsters, Inc. The twist this week is that each
makeup must contain a gag whereby the monster goes from darling to devilish.
Many of the artists are well nervous – gags take time, planning, and troubleshooting,
and in just three days that can be darn near impossible.

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Kelly has the boon of two-time Emmy award winner Jamie Kelman to help her round
out her concept, and block out her sculptures. She’s way ahead of the game on day
one, which has Kevon (her battle partner) well shook. He’s planning a four-armed
squid waitress with a nice face in the front and a scary one in the back. It’s
ambitious, to be sure. Also freaking out is Sasha, who is coming up blank on ideas for
her hairdresser monster. After talking it out with a couple of other artists, she
strikes out with an insectoid makeup and gets to work.

More panic arrives on day three – it’s fair to say that each and every artist is worried
about their gag working when they reach the stage. Jo had a particularly tricky time
with her firefighter – she’s having to repaint the whole face just to bring the contrast
that the original gag would’ve leant, and when it comes time to glue the scary teeth
on the makeup, they just won’t stick! She goes into last looks hustling to do
everything she can, and leaves with that sinking feeling that she didn’t do enough.

Jordan was worried about his chances since his gag – a warty tongue that unfurled
like a party blower – didn’t function, and instead the tongue is just hanging out of
the mouth. He need'nt worry, however, for the judges love the colorful and
outlandish face he created for his demonic dentist! The overall winner this week is
Walter, who sculpted an absolutely adorable bunny cop with a skull that detaches to
reveal an oozing, gooey brain. Gross! And perfect for this challenge.

Bottom looks include Sasha, who just had too little, too late; Jo, who wasn’t able to
realize her vision, and Mel, who did decent work but had a starting makeup that was
unrecognizable – in a bad way – and simply not cuddly at all. The first name called is
Jo, and she thanks the judges for the time and gracefully exits. The second name is
Sasha, and her face shows that though she was expecting this, it came too soon. Both
contestants did excellent work, and will be missed!