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Episode Recap: Through the Looking Glass Part 2

It’s part two of the Face Off: Battle Royale finale, as the artists and their teams create their short film, and one is crowned champion.


It’s been a hard week so far, and when the finalists and their teams meet with McKenzie and director John Wynn after the lighting tests of their makeups, they find out it’s going to get even harder: John has decided to rework the script and add a new character – namely, Alice – to each short film. But, the harsh news is offset by the fact that Sasha, Jo, and Kelly are back to give them a little extra help. Also, SFX makeup superstar Rick Baker will be a guest judge!

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News of the added character hits Walter especially hard, since he has more work to do than either of the other teams, and he’s really not sure how to design an Alice character that fits in with his theme of cookies, cakes, and tea. When John drops by the lab to check in on him, he sees Kelly’s idea of making Alice’s skin and hair look like fondant icing, he urges them on with a vote of confidence.

Walter feels better for a second… but then the face piece for Alice has super thick edges. And the Lollipop Ballerina’s costume doesn’t fit right. And the white icing of Alice’s face doesn’t read on camera. And then the adjustments on the face are too stark. By the time they wrap, however, John is confident they got what they needed, proving that Walter’s know-how and perseverance are powerful.

Team Jordan decide to transform Alice into a bunny to match with their animal theme, and John loves it. He mentions a POV shot of Alice looking at her hands and realizing she’s changed into something else. The message is clear: get those hands right!

Mel has a great idea to make soft little pads to place on Alice’s palms, much like the pads bunnies have on their paws. Application proves much more difficult than anticipated, and when they reach the set it’s clear that the idea has to be scrapped in favor of some furry fabric poking through white gloves. It’s not the best effect, but it gets the idea across.

Team Matt feel like they’re sledding downhill on butter – it couldn’t be smoother! Matt and Sasha are grooving on the paint job for Alice (transformed to a wooden toy for this scenario) almost ready to pack up and head to set, when Graham puts out the all-hands call for the Tin Jester. Paint is needed everywhere! They manage to get everything done by they buzzer, and when they arrive on set, John is so thrilled with their makeups, he’s practically jumping up and down. Needless to say, Matt feels pretty good about the day.

After some furiously fast editing, the contestants reconvene with McKenzie, and John, and the judges (including Rick Baker!) to watch the finished product. It’s a delightful feast for the eyes in which Alice slips through the mirror first to Jordan’s animal garden party, then to Walter’s sumptuous tea party, then to Matt’s dark throne room, and finally back home.  

The judges love how lively all of Jordan’s characters were, and note that his theme fit his skill set perfectly. Moreover, his ability to take feedback and grow over the course of the season gets great praise. His work was fantastic, with the only weak point being Alice’s hands.

Walter earns huge kudos for doing such a massive amount of work. Not only did he create a completely new character, but his Ginger General and Lollipop Ballerina underwent total transformations. His initial missteps are tempered by his ability to turn out great final products, though his Alice was certainly his weakest character.

In judging Matt, Neville can’t sing high enough praises for the Tin Jester. The paint job, the way the torso seemed to move like an accordion, the originality of the shapes on an oft-performed archetype: all magnificent. Rick Baker has special complements for Matt’s ability to make the Porcelain Prince gleam like real porcelain. All are impressed with the tree ring patterning on the face and the carved-out texture of the “hair”.

All teams did an amazing job, and the finalists wait in stiff anticipation for Glenn to call the name of… Matt! His vision was true and strong from the beginning, and the execution only got stronger as time went on. Congratulations, Matt! And thanks to all the artists for another thrilling season.