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Episode Recap: Through the Looking Glass Part I

It’s part one of the finale, as the finalists learn that they will be creating characters for an original short film based on the book, “Through the Looking Glass and What Alice Found There.”


At last, we find ourselves at the finale, and the three remaining contestants – Jordan, Matt, and Walter – are all happy to learn that the ultimate challenge is to create two characters from a “lost” chapter of “Alice Through the Looking Glass”. They’ll choose one of three chapter titles (actually short film scripts), and director John Wynn will helm a production for each short. Their eliminated compatriots rejoin them, and it’s off to create! They’ll have three days to get the characters ready for the screen test, and then incorporate John’s feedback into the final product for the shoot day.  

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Walter, tickled by the idea of the Mad Hatter, chose “Tea Time”, but is dismayed to learn that one of the characters he has to design is the Ginger General – a gingerbread man obsessed with food. This wouldn’t be a problem if Walter hadn’t already created two gingerbread men this very season. He hopes he can mix it up by creating an animal hybrid, but when John stops by to consult, he nixes that idea – the tone is all wrong.  

Things only get worse from there: Team Walter features the slowest molders in the lab. When they finally get their molds done, they crack and lock, and when they show up on application day they have to patch all the foam that bubbled and split. And then they forgot to bring the sprinkles to last looks! That magical touch that would make the Ginger General whimsical, instead of intimidating, is gone. John is slightly happier with the Lollipop Princess, but notes that she’s more of a dessert princess. For both characters, Walter and his team (Yvonne and Derek) need to zero in on the identities of the characters, stay true to the script, and refine the details. Walter’s biggest task, however, is to pump up his deflated ego enough to rise to the challenge and win that prize.  

Team Matt are gelling well on their script, “Questionable Queen”, with the Porcelain Prince and Tin Jester, though Matt worries about the fact that both of the eponymous materials are monochromatic. He wonders how to bring dimension and depth to the characters, and his team – Damien and Graham – help provide the answers: cracks in the porcelain and rust at the edges of the jester’s hat. John likes both characters, though the cracks aren’t reading as realistic. Mr. Westmore is handy to give some advice to get them on the right track.  

Mr. Westmore once more proves his master-advice-giver status when Team Jordan wonder how to make the Spring Fox look more like a fox and less like a… bunny? The snout has been a puzzle since the sculpting stage, and has already had one complete revision. Mr. Westmore suggests sculpting alginate onto the foam nose, so they don’t have to completely resculpt the face.  

John is really digging the Dapper Grasshopper, and when Jordan mentions the possibility of sculpting entire legs for the character, John lights up. It’s going to be a ton of work, but Jordan and his team (Mel and Kevon) are motivated and ready for shoot day of their script, “Garden Games”. Just one more week and the films will be in the can!