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Episode Recap: Alien Interpreters


There's no Foundation Challenge this week, so McKenzie's getting right down to the Spotlight Challenge, 'cause this one's a monster. The special guest for this challenge is the production designer on this summer's Total Recall, none other than Face Off's own Patrick Tatopoulos. Patrick is going to work with the contestants individually as they take one of his four design sketches and run with them to create their own, original aliens. Patrick will be their "client" as well as their judge, and they have only two and a half days to complete a head-to-toe creature.

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One by one, they pick a model and a sketch, and get to work. Patrick comes by and offers feedback on all of their work, and everyone is thrilled to have this master class in alien design with one of the industry's finest creators. Beki and Matt move forward with their characteristic self-confidence, while Tara stumbles to a start and Ian doubts his every move. Sue, who knows she won't have enough time to make a full creature, only fabricates a head, and Jerry, who is bitter at having his piece critiqued last week, rails loudly that Sue was last week's winner. Sue is bothered, but doesn't let it stop her flow. Rayce is ambitious, and worried about getting everything done in time, but his creative juices push him forward.

When it comes time to crack the molds, there have never been so many disasters. Tara planned huge, long, pincer arms, and when they fall apart completely, she gives up the fight. Ian's molds didn't fill all the way and he loses one ear of his bat creature, but manages to work the damage into the story of the character, which the judges love. RJ's mold also cracked, and with such a short amount of time, he has to run a new sculpture in polyfoam, a material with almost no flexibility. When he goes to place it on his model, he can't get the front and back of the head piece to work together, and has to create an impromptu strap for the piece.

This is a double elimination day, which has everybody more on edge than usual. RJ's big vision earns him accolades, and the judges praise Rayce's ability to sculpt so much with such a great deal of symmetry and beauty. The judges all agree that Ian's wounded bat has great colors and storytelling ability, and is camera-ready as it is, and this overall excellence wins him this week's challenge, and a bonus of two tickets to the premier of Total Recall

The judges are disappointed in the lack of scope of Sue's piece, and when they critique Jerry's work for seeming too aquatic, he gets defensive. Tara has completely surrendered by the time she goes before the judges, and practically eliminates herself. Sue winds up being safe this week, while Jerry and Tara must pack up their kits and head home.