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Episode Recap: Dangerous Beauty


Spicing up this week's Foundation Challenge is Being Human's Sam Huntington. Since Sam knows a thing or two about werewolves from playing one week after week, he's going to judge the contestants' on-the-spot trauma wounds - injuries inflicted by a werewolf, naturally. He likes the way Heather localizes a transformation from human to werewolf around the wound, but it's Beki's bite mark that impresses him most and gives her immunity going into the Spotlight Challenge.

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When the artists head back to the lab, they find it completely transformed - the workstations have been replaced by bears, spiders, and rhinos, setting the tone for this week's Spotlight Challenge: to mash up an animal and a plant to create a beautiful but deadly character.

Heather and Rayce are paired up and choose a water monitor with firesticks; RJ and Ian envision a chameleon that disguises itself as an orchid; Athena and Tara blend a colorful snake with stargazer lilies; Matt and Jerry team up and combine a leopard with an iris. When Sue's name is called and she's paired up with Beki, her face goes white - Sue's best friend in the house was Brea, and this makes Beki her enemy - but she keeps it together. Beki defers to Sue's choice of tarantula with bird of paradise petals, and everyone gets to work.

Day two arrives, and most teams are working well together - dividing labor, combining ideas - but not Beki and Sue. Sue wants texturized spider appendages, while Beki thinks the texturization looks like...doo doo. Sue asks Rayce what he thinks, which infuriates Beki, but she continues to follow Sue's direction since she knows she can't be eliminated this week. Even though Beki does everything Sue asks, Sue continues to get frustrated with Beki, and the tension is palpable. Sue asks Matt's advice on how to handle the situation, and he tells her just to press forward.

On the reveal stage the next day, RJ and Ian's chameleon-orchid works perfectly, with elements from both organisms blending well. Matt and Jerry weren't so lucky - the judges say their creation looks less like a character and more like someone in a bikini. Guest judge Vivica A. Fox likes the way Heather and Rayce made hair out of firesticks, Patrick thinks their water monitor mouth is truly reptilian, while Ve is impressed that they managed to such a long tail. Tara and Athena's boa-meets-lily is not successful - they couldn't incorporate all of the elements they built, and Athena spent so much time on individual scales that the rest of the makeup suffered.

The judges agree that the solid direction and design of RJ and Ian's piece was strongest, and RJ takes home this week's title. Since RJ has dedicated his work to his late father, this means even more to him than usual - he feels as though his father is watching over him. Athena and Tara are on the very bottom, and with Athena's missed potential as a body painter this and other weeks, the judges concede that she must be the one to go home.