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Episode Recap: Night Terrors


Brea is woken at 3 in the morning by a creepy voice on a cell phone telling her to wake everyone and get them to the van in 15 minutes. When they arrive at their destination, the deserted Linda Vista Community Hospital, McKenzie tells them that in this haunted monument, they will begin their next challenge. A list of phobias appears on the wall and, one by one, the contestants choose one to work with, many not knowing the definition of their chosen phobia. McKenzie then sends them off with only their notebooks, pencils and a flashlight to start sketching their ideas alone and in the dark.

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The next day at the lab, Ian moves forward with a tooth fairy monster whose head is a giant tooth for odontophobia (fear of teeth). Rayce is psyched about his fear, cryophobia, or fear of frost, and builds an ice monster who has valves and pipes to keep his coolant system running. Beki is working fast and furious, completing her sculpt mostly in the first few hours so she can really work the finished product. Brea, who often creates chemical burn effects at work, is psyched to be working on chemophobia, and is super proud - and vocally so - of her sculpt.

Day two arrives, and Tara has only just hit on a clear concept for ommetaphobia, or the fear of eyes. As she works, McKenzie and Glenn drop by to introduce this week's guest judge and industry legend, Tom Savini. They note that her piece looks a little mask-y, and they praise Rayce's concept and Beki's ability to work at the speed of light. Checking in with Jerry, who's working with electrophobia, they ask whether he has lights in his piece, making him feel new pressure to construct blinking lights into his makeup. As soon as the judges leave, Tara shreds the bottom half of her sculpture, making it more of a makeup, less of a mask, and giving her more time to paint what she has.

The next day at the reveal stage, Jerry lands himself on the bottom again, this time for spending too much time making the lights blink and not enough time creating a makeup that evoked his given fear. Athena is critiqued for missing the mark, but no one feels the heat as much as Brea. Glenn delivers the verdict: "Awful."

The top looks are Beki's parasitophobia creature - a being whose unified look, eerie tentacles and creepy mouth all evince that fear; Rayce, whose overall concept was ambitious (despite having edges that were sloppy and tearing); and Ian, who earned special points for using plastic wrap on his model's torso as a quick way to add texture. Ian is the week's winner and is beside himself with glee that his makeup was so successful.

The artist to go home tonight is Brea - the teeth of her creature were out-of-place, the chemical burns she created were not effective, and the overall look was not scary. The judges send her home, and she's grateful for the opportunity and doesn't seem to have any regrets.