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Episode Recap: Rock Your Body


This week, award-winning makeup artist Jennifer Aspinall is the guest judge for the Foundation Challenge, a relay race where teams of three will have to build a character, inspired by the special effects contact lenses of their assigned model, without conferring with one another on their vision. Aspinall is a heavy hitter who knows about making quick decisions and passing information on to her team with little time for instruction. 

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Beki sees the freaky yellow lenses in her model and lays down some quick "Alien" prosthetics, which her teammates, Rayce and Ian, develop beautifully. Jerry goes for a "Demon" character, and Sue and Miranda follow suit. RJ builds a zombie character, but the final result is a little mixed-up. Brea decides on a simple beauty makeup with a "Star Princess" theme, but when Heather sees the simple concept, she changes course, leaving Tara to merge the two paths.

Jennifer notes the lack of cohesion in the Star Princess and Zombie, and ultimately awards the top prize to Beki for making a quick decision and laying down clear visual instructions for the rest of her team. She will go into the Spotlight Challenge with full immunity.

And what a challenge it is. In only six hours, the contestants must body paint two models (one camouflaged into the backdrop), to create an image worthy of an album cover for hip-hop artist and guest judge Asher Roth. To give them a jumping-off point, Asher tells them that his latest album, "Is This Too Orange," is inspired by the second chakra of creativity, whose color is orange. The randomly assigned pairs choose their images and get to work.

Miranda and Ian have the roughest time of it - they can't think of anything to do with their park bench-background. Brea and Matt, who have a background of nothing but tennis shoes, are elbow-deep in paint. Matt tackles the camo, and Brea paints her model to look like he's wearing a basketball uniform. Sue and Heather go whimsical, with boyfriend-girlfriend elephants frolicking, and RJ gives his partner, Athena, full reign to paint chakras everywhere. Beki and Rayce go abstract: a fire spirit liberates her counterpart from his dreary background. Jerry and Tara tag their brick wall backdrop with some hip-hop graffiti.

With minutes left on the clock, Brea's model starts to get lightheaded and passes out, leaving both her and Matt in the lurch as to what will happen next. Finally, the producers tell Brea that she'll be getting a new model, but this means she has to pull a straight twelve-hour day. Back at the loft, Matt is biting his fingernails, hoping that Brea's okay.

The next day at the reveal stage, Glenn shreds Ian and Miranda for choosing their backdrop for ease, rather than inspiration, and gives Miranda special hell for her sloppy blending. Jerry and Tara also feel the heat from guest judge Asher - their graffiti is bland and their image weak. Beki and Rayce get points for their high-concept image, but since part of the assignment was to blend one model completely, they don't get top marks. The judges are most impressed with Brea's double-shift basketball player and Matt's impeccable tennis shoe-blend. Since the latter was such a technical miracle, Matt is this week's winner.

Ultimately, the judges thought that Miranda didn't show the necessary creativity and wasn't fully prepared for the challenges of this competition. In a tearful goodbye, she packs her kit and heads home.