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Episode Recap: Dishonorable Proportions


When McKenzie tells the remaining artists that their Foundation Challenge this week is to create a beauty makeup based on the dress their model wears, several, including Rod and Roy, stop dead in their tracks. And, while Rod's makeup gets called a "hot mess" by guest judge Lijha Stewart, Roy's geometric patterning of the model's dress onto her face wins the challenge, earning him immunity for the Spotlight Challenge.

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Later, when they learn that they'll have to create a steampunk character based on one of four character classes from the video game "Dishonored", Roy is even more relieved - do steampunk wrong, and Glenn will have your head for it.

Rod works hard to make a big departure from his previous work, so criticized by Ve. Most important in this challenge is getting the makeups to fit in the aesthetics of the game, specifically, exaggerating some physical feature. When Glenn drops by, Rod expresses his nerves, and Glenn suggests that Rod try a prosthetic where the makeup's eyes are not where the model's are. Alana, who has decided to blend the elongated head of the Aristocrat class with the gaunt look of the infected Weeper class, moves forward with her vision even though Glenn discourages her.

Derek is also trying to keep away from past work, a move Glenn applauds, and Laura's concept of combining healer with Weeper is also a hit - if she can pull it off. Before he leaves, Glenn emphasizes how important it is to exaggerate physical features, and wishes them luck.

The next day, Tommy's plan to create an ambitious facial prosthetic as well as two big arms is going well despite a setback, and Roy decides to use his immunity to take a risk and run in latex instead of his more accustomed foam. Laura runs tubing under her face piece to give the appearance of the characteristic bleeding eyes for her Weeper. Sarah's hand pieces are not finished, and she leaves the lab praying that they set by the next day.

On elimination day, Sarah scraps the hands and focuses on her face piece, Rod has some last minute adjustments to make so his model can see, Derek changes the ethnicity of his model from black to white, and Alana sees a similarity between this makeup and her White Rabbit from the Alice in Zombieland challenge, and is not feeling good.

Rod and Derek are among the top looks this week - the judges love how drastically Rod changed the proportion of the head, and Derek's ethnicity swap, along with the storytelling ability of his makeup's tattoos and grimace, are hugely successful. Sarah, whose sculpt didn't turn out well and whose aesthetic was out of line with the video game, and Tommy, whose arm pieces have sloppy edges and are not attached properly, await judgment on the bottom. The judges decide that Tommy's sloppy application kills his concept, and they send him home.

The winner this week is Derek, whose creation fit the game and the challenge perfectly. He enjoys his win and continues to fight forward for himself and his brother.