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Episode Recap: Who's the New Who?


With Rod out of the house, Alana is feeling really low, and her spirits only drop when she gets her assignment for the Spotlight Challenge. Award-winning producer Brian Grazer walks them through what they'll need to know to create a human-critter hybrid in this week's "Dr. Seuss" challenge. Grazer, who produced The Cat in the Hat and The Grinch, among over a hundred other films, counsels them to retain human expression in their work as much as possible. They then choose characters from the Seuss classic, The Sleep Book. Alana picks the Offt, but comes to regret it when she sees that it's a giant puffball with virtually no human characteristics.

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She seeks advice from many of the other contestants, and finally settles in when Sarah tells her to go with what she likes best about her own concept. But when Ve stops by and notes that her face sculpt looks more masculine than girlish, Alana has to scrap her sculpt and start over. This puts her way behind schedule and by the end of day two, her mold is barely ready. She's going to have to go full speed ahead on the final day and get everything camera-ready.

On day three, Laura's feeling good and ahead of the game with lots of time to work on her paint job, but Derek, who had leftover time on day two, is struggling to get his edges to lie flat. He also decides to change his wig so that it looks less like everyone else's work. The characters head out to the reveal stage and the contestants await the verdict.

Brian Grazer is back as a guest judge, and one of his favorite looks is Nicole's - she really managed to capture the Seussian feel while bringing a new expression into the world. Laura, who brought a little Dr. Moreau into her "Chippendale Mupp" character, is also a top look, and her faux-sculpt in the paint job gets special attention. Roy's "Foona Laguna Baboona" has excellent human expression and true originality, so he rounds out the top looks. The judges love what Nicole did, and her "Bumble Tub" character wins this week. She's thrilled to make such a great comeback, and the judges love that she has so much fight and focus now that she's back in the game.

On the bottom are Alana, whose Offt seemed totally disconnected from the original; Derek, whose hair and costume overwhelmed the model's face; and Sarah, who had a decent face sculpt, but a lackluster and too-human costume and body. Alana's concept lacked structure from start to finish, eliminating her from the competition, so she goes home with warm wishes from the judges and a sense of what's really important to her.