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Episode Recap: Howl at the Moon


The contestants vie for the sweet prize of immunity in this week's Foundation Challenge judged by superstar producer, Gale Anne Hurd. Since Gale's current project is The Walking Dead, the artists will be creating their own hordes of zombies. In teams of two, they'll have two and a half hours to create 20 zombies. As Meagan calculates, that's about 7 minutes per zombie, making this possibly the toughest Foundation Challenge in Face Off history.

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Kris is teamed with Autumn, who flips out in the time crunch, and the backs of their zombies go unfinished. Anthony and Meagan win the challenge, with Gale awarding immunity to Meagan for her leadership, saying she could start work on The Walking Dead the next day.

Meagan plans to use this immunity by letting her partner in the Spotlight Challenge, House, lead the design and support him as best she can. Their task is to build a werewolf from one of the other planets in our solar system that have moons, and they choose Mars. Meagan blocks off the sculpture and lays the bright red hair, letting House fine tune the sculpt into a snub-nosed hybrid astronaut, a story made complete by a helmet held in the model's hand. This wolf lands in the top looks, but it is Wayne and Kris's collaboration, a tall, ice-camouflaged monster, that earns the top seat. Kris's back sculpture is particularly innovative, and he is this week's winner.

Another surprise week lands golden boy Anthony in the bottom when he, along with his partner Eric F., bites off more than he can chew and winds up with a disproportionate jumble from Saturn. But standing below them in the judges' eyes are Eric Z. and Autumn. Nearly instantly in their relationship, it was clear to Eric that if they were going to have anything to show the judges, he would have to capitulate to Autumn in order to avoid arguments and move forward. Yet even with this concession, Autumn became furious at Eric's seeming laziness, blaming him in front of McKenzie and Mr. Westmore in the lab, and then in front of the judges at the reveal stage. It is there that the conflict between her and her partner rises to the surface when Eric tells the judges how little he had to do with the makeup, a revelation that knocks Autumn back.

Although she's surprised at Eric's statement, the judges see it as no excuse for steamrolling over his input - in fact, her ignorance makes the offense even worse. Eric's not off the hook, either, since he didn't make his point sufficiently clear to her, but the judges are most frustrated with Autumn and without words of farewell, eliminate her from the competition.