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Episode Recap: It's Better in the Dark


After an inspiration session at Leo Carrillo State Park, where McKenzie has just told them that their assignment is to create a whole new species that has one paint job in visible light and a completely different, bioluminescent look in ultraviolet light, the artists return to the lab to see perhaps the worst news ever: It's a Double Elimination week.

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Despite the pressure, everyone's excited to get to work, except maybe for Meagan, who is trying to focus despite being very ill. Her attempts to focus become increasingly futile, and when the room starts to spin, it's time for her to go to the hospital. Anthony is also nervous, since he's been in bottom looks for two weeks running - it seems his winning streak earlier on jinxed him!

Meagan returns on the second day with a mountain of work ahead of her and not feeling up to the challenge. Wayne decides that this will be the week that he manages his time well and delivers the paint job that the judges have been asking for all along. Eric F. decides to do a muted paint job for his visible look, and show the full anatomy in the UV light, but this gives him a ton of work, and he's running out of time at the end of day two, but manages to get the molds done.

On application day, no one's feeling secure, and up to last looks the stress and activity levels are at an all-time high. The models walk onto the reveal stage, and very few looks actually have complete paint jobs for both kinds of light. Anthony's is one of these, and guest judge Jon Landau, producer of "Avatar," says the creature could fit right in on Pandora. This makeup is in the top looks along with Wayne's, a truly original, crab-like man with virtuosic sculpting. It's Anthony's versatility that brings him to the win, and he's grateful and relieved.

In the bottom were House, whose fish-woman lacked finesse, Meagan, who obscured a decent sculpture with confusing paint work, and Eric Z., whose character had a very weak concept. Meagan is the first contestant to be eliminated, and Jon Landau commends her for having perhaps the only makeup that had a land-based design, and notes the imagination that that displays. Second to go home is Eric Z., and Glenn bids him well before McKenzie asks him to pack up his makeup kit.