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Episode Recap: Two Heads Are Better Than One


At Six Flags Magic Mountain, there is a giant redwood tree, and it is there that McKenzie meets the contestants with a very special guest: Bryan Singer. Not only has Singer directed several fantastical movies, such as X-Men and Superman Returns, but he's also helming the upcoming epic, Jack the Giant-Slayer. Now the redwood comes into context: the artists, in teams of two, will have to create their very own two- or three-headed giant. The competition is getting fiercer by the week, and the knowledge that Singer will be the guest judge on this week's challenge cranks the pressure up even more.

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Eric Fox, for once, thinks literally, and he and his partner Kris set about building a two-headed giant around their model. His head will be the only part of him protruding from the 10-foot tall makeup, making it look as though the monster is carrying a very small Jack. At one point, Fox even sketches out the design on the floor, just to get a true sense of how massive it will be.

Anthony is struggling with his partner, Autumn, who seems unaware of the travails her partner's going through, but no one's struggling as much as Jenna. She and Meagan conceptualized a giant with one head growing on top of the next, on top of the next, but Jenna's hand hurts so badly that she falls way behind schedule. Jenna does her best to pick up the slack in the stressful conditions, but when it comes time to run their mold, it doesn't cure properly. On application day, the upper head sags under its own damp weight, and their concept falls apart along with it. They salvage part of it by cutting the face of and gluing it to the model's chest, but Jenna is also unable to help fabricate the costume, and the overall look is unfinished.

At the reveal stage, Eric F. and Kris are stunned, along with everyone else, that they managed to build a creature as huge as they did and get it all done and looking good in time. House and Wayne also feel good about their creation, especially after the judges praise their concept of having one head as a puppet that can interact with the other head, and their weaving in of the redwood texture from the original tree inspiration. The judges were less thrilled with Alam and Eric Z.'s concept of having two heads on the bottoms of the giant's feet, since they wound up looking cartoonish, and Jenna and Meagan's giant had obvious problems that were disappointing to all involved.

Although the work of Wayne and House, as well as Anthony and Autumn, was excellent, it didn't compare to the scope and scale of Eric F. and Kris's giant giant. Since it was Eric F.'s concept, the judges rule him top winner, an announcement that brings tears to his eyes.

Of the bottom looks, it's clear that Jenna's physical condition is making her no longer able to compete, and that means she will be sent home. The other contestants have great affection for Jenna and it's a tearful goodbye, but Jenna bears it bravely and knows that when her health is better, she will be that much stronger for this experience.