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Episode Recap: Future Frankenstein


The reality of last week's elimination barely has time to sink in as the contestants are whisked away to Universal Studios where McKenzie tells them about their next assignment: in groups of three, they'll be creating their own futuristic Frankenstein monster and his bride. These horror movie geeks are giddy with excitement that only mounts when writer/producer/actor Kevin Grevioux greets them with his distinctive sub-baritone voice and insider expertise. Having been a key creative component of the Underworld series and the upcoming I, Frankenstein, he's uniquely poised to instruct them on how to create something that lives in a world of their own making.

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As the teams sketch their ideas, Miranda gets a heavy feeling that she's going to have to step forward as the leader in her team with newcomers Eddie and Sam. At first, their concepts don't gel, and when they finally decide on one, Sam feels halfhearted about it. All-girl, leather-clad trio Laura, Alana, and Laney come up with the notion of a monster who was reanimated by a bolt of lightning and a bride who serves as his battery, making them eternally dependent on one another. Alana has the brilliant idea that, in this world, human arms, legs, ears, etc., are used as accessories, so Laura casts Tate's arm to be used as the handle for the bride's umbrella. Tate, who designed survivors of nuclear holocaust with RJ and Lyma, doesn't exactly have time to sit still with a cast on his hand, but he knows there will come a time when he'll need Laura's help, and is happy to make this investment.

On the final day, Lyma, whose background is in body painting, lays on broad strokes of color with an airbrush, ramping the normally-chill Tate into panic mode - he knows the judges will be looking for realism and subtlety, so he moves her aside to finish the Frank paint job while she works on the bride. Adolfo and Scott clash in the time crunch, since they both need to apply pieces to the bride at the same time, but they manage to get everything together by the time last looks is over.

One by one, the judges call the teams to the stage to discuss their work, and the leather girls are in the top looks with their beautiful-ghoulish bride and reanimated groom. Alana's work sculpting the face gets special praise, as does her choice to paint the face lighter than the body to make it pop. Roy's fabrication skills are a hit, with pistons moving the monster's severed head, and bionics adding dimension and backstory to both characters. Guest judge Kevin Grevioux, stepping in for Neville, especially likes the tubes fortifying the bride's nervous system.

The judges don't like Lyma, Tate, and RJ's work, mostly because of Lyma's paint job, which is too broad and not at all realistic, though they find some great moments in Tate's sculpture. Also on the bottom are Rick, Eric, and Frank, who made some poor sculptural choices – and Eric made one large mistake when he forgot to attach the bolts to the monster's head. He, Lyma, and Sam – who scarcely contributed to the makeup, and came up with what the judges consider to be a bulbous head piece for the bride – find themselves on the chopping block this week. Sam also dropped the ball with her paint job and application of the hand sculptures. The judges send her off with encouraging words regarding the ultra-high level of competition, and her sunny attitude and pride at being a part of the show send her out on a high note.

The judges decide that one team shone above the rest, and so Alana, Laney, and Laura are the only team in top looks this week. Because Alana was responsible for the face sculpt and paint job on the bride, as well as the killer idea for the umbrella "hand"-le, she wins this week's challenge!