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Episode Recap: Bloodsuckers


Who's the best monster in the world? The vampire, of course! And that's exactly who the artists get to make this week. And since this is Face Off, it's not going to be easy: each artist chooses, at random, the name of a vampiric character from another culture. They must create their interpretation of these worldwide myths, as well as add an extra killing feature not usually associated with vampires. Niko has the Aswang from the Philippines, a creature that sucks blood through its tongue, Rashaad has the moss-covered Chinese Jiang Shi, George the Australian Yara Ma Yha Who, a monster who drinks blood with his fingers, and Tyler the Sasabonsam from Ghana, a creature with 20-foot wings.

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They all want to push themselves to the limit, so as soon as they get in the lab, they go as big as they can with their makeups. Niko starts crafting a giant, thick tongue coming out of a ragged mouth. He's struggling with what extra feature to add to his creature, but finally decides on a tail with razor sharp prongs. Tyler wants to make an entire chest, back, face AND cowl, but when he gets to the point where all of these are sculpted, he realizes he doesn't have time to build the twenty-foot wings (not like that's an easy task on any day!). He decides to use spandex gloves in his wing makeup so that the model's arms will look like folded-up wings, and he builds prosthetic arms to match the description of the character. The wings have extra fangs with which to suck blood, fulfilling his "special feature" requirement.

Rashaad takes the moss growing on the Jiang Shi and extends the plant metaphor to the chest, where he builds a giant Venus fly trap-mouth. Things are going pretty well for him until he finds that his face mold has not one, but two giant rips in it. The face being as important as it is, he has to run it again. George has perhaps one of the most traditional-looking vampires, a red beast with horns growing out of the back. What he doesn't have are teeth – his creature drinks blood through his toothy fingers. George finds some hollow foam tubes and trims it down so that the model can slip his fingers into the tubes without fuss or muss.

But on application day, George realizes he put the teeth on the wrong end of the tubes! It's an essential part of his makeup, so he has to include it, but once they get to the reveal stage, the judges hate it. Len Wiseman, colleague of Patrick Tatopoulos on the "Underworld" films, is joining on the panel. Ve instructs George to rip off the fingers and a sash that he threw over the chest, and all of a sudden it's a regal demon worthy of top looks. Also in top looks is Rashaad's piece, a creepy pale green spirit. Niko's vampire is undone by his ungainly tongue, a sort of static piece that doesn't look very monstrous. He and Tyler, who overlooked some basic anatomy lessons, are on bottom looks.

Rashaad's makeup wins the challenge! The other artists wait to hear the second verdict, but McKenzie upsets the whole system when she says that no one is going home tonight! For the first time in Face Off history, they have a two-part challenge on their hands. Their vampire makeups will be judged alongside the next makeup they make. But you'll have to wait to find out what that is… hang tight through the suspense, it's coming right along!