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Episode Recap: Cry Wolf


On last week's show, McKenzie told the artists that no one would be eliminated. They were then whisked away to the movie back lot used for some classic horror films, including...The Wolfman! And here to tell them about their next challenge is Patrick Tatopoulos, creator of wolf men for the Underworld franchise! The final four must create werewolves - the eternal enemy of the vampire - that come from the same world as the vampire they created for the previous challenge, and the judges will base their decisions on the two makeups together. The foursome has some time to sketch in the back lot, get some sleep, and then get back to the lab.

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Rashaad sculpts a bold design of a werewolf that has golden filigree on its forehead and sideburns, drawing on the tradition of Chinese dragons. Niko draws his werewolf and his vampire together by keeping the color palate in the same family, and George decides to make a werewolf that actually evolved out of the vampires of the same region - taking natural selection to a new level! Tyler was feeling really shaky after last week when he thought he might be facing elimination, and it shows in a very cautious face sculpt and overall design. McKenzie and Mr. Westmore pick up on his unease on their walk through, and decide to circle back and tell him to believe in himself! Even great artists miss a step once in a while. The pep talk gets his spirits up and his mind back in the game, and he alters his face sculpt to have his usual mastery of form language.

The challenge continues with the usual broken molds (Rashaad's hand molds), personal injury (George's wrist), ripped appliances (Niko's cowl) and repainting jobs (Tyler's face, though that was elective). Last looks feels like the usual life or death struggle to get everything done, but somehow everyone manages to create beautiful pieces and get them on stage.

The judges enjoy the forms in Rashaad's work, but the gold filigree he added looks halfway between ornament and organic feature, and so it detracts from the overall appearance. Also, it doesn't look like it could kick his vampire's ass, and that's a negative. Tyler's wolf, though performed by the smallest model on stage, is built out in a way that makes him look like he could take down everyone around him - and the makeup works really well with the aesthetics of his vampire! George's idea to have the werewolf and the vampire genetically linked is a huge hit, and his sculpture is once again regal and impressive. Niko's paint job is lauded by the judges, though they're unsure how this particular beast would slay his bloodsucking counterpart.

With such strong looks, and such powerful seasons for all four of the artists, it's hard to choose who will continue to the finale. Finally, the judges name George the winner and the first to move forward. Tyler and Rashaad are named next, meaning Niko is eliminated this week. He feels as though he's won a tremendous prize for coming this far, and he knows the friendships he built will be there for the rest of his life. They bid each other farewell, and the three finalists get their heads in the game for the home stretch!