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Episode Recap: Guitar Gods


Guess who's guest judging the Foundation Challenge this week: Patrick Tatopoulos in the hizzouse! You didn't think he forgot about us, did you? Since this challenge is all about creating the perfect character to go with a kick-ass motorcycle, Patrick - a bike expert - is the perfect person to judge it. He loves the work of each and every artist (what a sweetie!) but two makeups stood out as the best: Tanner's ghost-lit green and black demon, and Daran's road warrior-redux, with coiled metal as her hair and a fierce graphic paint job on her face. Daran's concept was so bold that Patrick has to give him the win, and with it comes immunity going into the Spotlight Challenge. Daran is beside himself.

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The next day, the contestants find McKenzie in the lab with a different judge altogether - Glenn - to tell them all about their Spotlight Challenge. Working in teams of two, they'll choose one of the gorgeous, glittering electric guitars next to him and create a musician so "in tune" with their music that they actually become one with their instrument. McKenzie tells the artists they can choose their own partners, and once they select their guitars, the game is on!

Niko and Cat, who are boyfriend-girlfriend, pair up and start creating a giant grey demon. They mold the entire thing - torso, cowl, horns and all - as one piece. The others think this is crazy, cautioning them to take the sculpt apart to make it a little easier, but guess what, haters - their plan works! The mold pops away from the sculpt like a hot knife through butter. Rashaad and Tyler, quickly becoming fast friends, choose to work with each other and also go the demon route, but with a much more '70s vibe and a clear chest piece to show the anatomy underneath. They crackle the texture of the face to match the texture of the guitar, and are generally geeking out and loving their work all the way through.

Mr. Westmore does a walk-through, and when he sees Tess and Matt's "Rockabilly-Goat" concept, he notes that the face doesn't really read goat. This was Tess's concept and creation, and the rough feedback sends her into an emotional tailspin. Matt gives her time to recover from the panic attack, but the design details will surely suffer for the lost work.

Chloe and Tanner, who have picked a glossy, red guitar with sharp fins, create a shiny, red rocker lady with a Mohawk and angular face to match the sharp surfaces of the instrument. They feel really confident going into the challenge, but the judges don't agree. Glenn notes that, once you bring that kind of hard plane into flesh, you have to motivate it with scales, armor, or the like. Their highly graphic creation lands them on bottom looks.

Joining them are Tess and Matt, whose concept didn't go over great with the judges, and who were damned when one of the goat's fret board-horns fell clean off. Since these were Tess's responsibility, she is the one to go home this week, but she does it with a sense of optimism and accomplishment: If she can make it this far in Face Off, think of what she can do back home!

Rashaad and Tyler made it to the top with their multi-layered rock demon, but it was George and Daran who rocked the judges' socks off with their high-concept, Ziggy Stardust-meets-alien mushroom, pearl white creature to match a wood-and-clear vinyl guitar. When the model tilts her head back, glowing blue eyes appear out of the neck, creating a giant rocker with a clear skull. The result is eerie, and the judges love it. Daran wins the top place this week and hopes the momentum will just keep on truckin'.