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Episode Recap: Mad Science


When the contestants walk into the lab, it's completely transformed into a different kind of lab, one that a mad scientist might use to transform a human guinea pig into a grotesque monster. McKenzie allows them to choose an antique medical (torture) device to best create their "experiment", from a trephine (Rashaad's choice) to an embalming pump (Tyler).

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Corinne chose leeches, and though she initially thought she could make something freaky with them as her inspiration, she realizes as she works that it'll be tougher than she thought. She moves forward with a design, but her heart's not really in it. Tyler loves his idea of conjoined twins, with one twin's face melting from the other, but Daran gets edgy when he sees it - his creation has one female face and one male face grafted onto a growing third. Tyler says he's definitely not copying Daran. No way.

Rashaad struggles with his concept, not really sure how a trephine - a tool for boring holes in the skull - could be used in a creepy, fun way. He decides the mad scientist is pasting together various face and head parts to make his own perfect, life-sized doll. Though he's relieved to be moving forward, he's still not in love with his work. He just has to make it good enough to keep him here!

Chloe, on the other hand, has wanted to make a Frankenstein's monster for ages, so when she sees the antique amputation saw, she knows she has a chance to make the character that's been in her head, walking straight from the silver screen in gray scale. And this is Graham's first opportunity to prove to the judges that he deserves to be there, so he knows he has to take his electroshock machine and turn it into something great.

Meanwhile, George is almost taken out of the competition by an injury - two herniated discs choose now, of all times, to flare up! The medic helps him get back on his feet, but he knows he has to take care of himself if he's going to make it to the end and win that money for his baby-on-the-way!

When it comes time to face the reveal stage, inspiration is the currency of the day. Chloe and Daran, who had a ton of it, are in top looks, while Corinne and Rashaad, who struggled with their ideas, find themselves on bottom looks. Ve, who did makeup for the black-and-white film "Ed Wood", really admires Chloe's choice to work entirely in gray scale. Daran once again completed a ton of work in the allotted time, and it's all superbly executed. He wins this week's challenge.

Corinne and Rashaad take the center platform to hear the judges' thoughts, both realizing that what they put forward this week was not their best work. Corinne, usually great at minimal makeups, fell short this week. Neville says it looks like Bondage Rambo, an evaluation that makes her chuckle. And Rashaad's concept had a good half, but the other half was a hodgepodge, anatomically - always a tough characteristic to come back from. Glenn finally calls Corinne's name, and everyone - judges and contestants, alike - is sad to see her go, but everyone knows she'll be churning out more great work. And who knows, we might even see it on this channel!