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Episode Recap: What a Dahl


To tell them about their next challenge, the perfect place for McKenzie to meet up with the contestants is Kidspace, an exploratory science and art playground. This locale will inspire them to create something exquisite from the world of the imagination of Roald Dahl. To help celebrate the 50th anniversary of the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the artists will be creating their very own visions of Roald Dahl creatures that have never before been seen onscreen: Hornswogglers, Snozzwangers, Vermicious Knids, and Whangdoodles - all predators of the dear, sweet, oompa-loompa. Filmmaker (and daughter of Roald Dahl) Lucy Dahl gives the artists some key thoughts on how to make a creature that would survive and thrive in her father's world: Make them whimsical, scary, and the extreme expression of whatever characteristic they embody. She'll be back to see their final creations at the reveal stage!

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Graham hears the name Snozzwanger and can't help but see a creature with a huge shnozz (that's a nose, for you laypeople out there). He sculpts a giant blue hunter with segmented eyes coming out of his pith helmet, and an elephantine trunk coming out of the forehead. He's not sure if the judges will nail him for the unorthodox anatomy, but he's gotta take a swing at this. Tyler is inspired by the name Whangdoodle, and makes a nasty, sharp-toothed earthworm-like creature. When Mr. Westmore does his walkthrough, he suggests that Tyler mix hairspray with brown paint to create a muddy stream on the character's arms. Great idea, Mr. Westmore! Chloe sees a mobile Venus fly trap predator for her Vermicious Knid, but when molding time comes around, she has the worst luck, ever. Her first go-round with cleaning out the cowl mold leaves her with inches of clay stuck in there, hard. When she is able to run it, the polyfoam fails to cure. She doesn't have time to try again, so she has to hope that an excellent job on the face will carry her through.

This week is also challenging for Niko, who built a huge bodysuit, but seems doomed to make his vicious monster look like a cute baby dinosaur. The judges aren't pleased, and he winds up on bottom looks. George also struggled, trying to make his character look not so much like a skinned rabbit, but his excellent sculpting puts him in the safe looks, along with Daran. Chloe wasn't able to pull her makeup to a high enough standard to merit not having a cowl, and so she joins Niko on bottom looks. It's a tough call for the judges this week, since either of these makeups would've survived in a less competitive season, but they decide to send Chloe home. She just didn't present enough material for them to feel like she was on the same level as the other artists in this challenge. She feels she's learned a lot, and has cemented the knowledge that makeup is in her blood, and this is the career for her.

Tyler is on top again with his terrifyingly massive Whangdoodle, and Graham's hope to impress the judges was a success - he's also on top looks. Lucy Dahl tells Graham she feels as though he peeked into her father's imagination to bring forward that character, and applauds his use of snozzberry bait - it shows a real knowledge of the Dahl mythology. However, Tyler's Whangdoodle has so much ferocity, expressivity, and character that he wins this week's challenge. His inspiration carried him right on through!

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