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Episode Recap: Ancient Aliens


Have you ever heard the phrase, “Happier than a makeup artist during alien week”? Neither have we, but once we see the contestants’ faces after Glenn and McKenzie tell them they’ll be working solo to build an alien, we just might coin the phrase. Each artist chooses a monument of the ancient world to inspire their work, with the prompt, "What if the humans had a little extraterrestrial help building these great works?

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Sasha is super excited to choose Peruvudaiyar Kovil temple in India, dedicated to Shiva, but a little nervous about making and molding her first cowl. She studies what Dina does and copies it exactly – with her smarts and her can-do attitude, she makes a sylph of a pink alien that lands in top looks!

If Doc was ever happy to work with Easter Island as his inspiration, we wouldn’t know it – Mr. Westmore does his walkthrough and delivers a critique that totally knocks Doc back. He can’t go forward with his original idea, he can’t think of a new one, and the result is a lopsided, sad-looking grey blob – he’s in bottom looks.

Also in the bottom three is Gwen, who had major problems with the chest appliance for her Stonehenge alien (she lost tons of time trying to fix it, but Glenn noted that it was a human chest and could’ve been left undone, for all the change it made to the model. Finally, Damien, who had some good ideas with bringing the shapes and colors of the Giza Necropolis into his work, but poor execution, joins Gwen and Doc. It’s a tough call, but the judges feel that Gwen’s work least filled the requirements of the challenge – her work looked more pagan than alien, and she made some poor choices when things got rocky.

In top looks with Sasha is the other Peruvudaiyar Kovil-inspired work, authored by Stella. She took so many risks that shouldn’t have worked, and made them work, that the judges don’t quite know what to make of it! Also up top is Keaghlan, who made a beautiful, feline silhouette for her Giza Necropolis alien – the colors and form references are truly elegant. Since Stella’s concept was so strong and outside the norm, she wins this week’s challenge! She’s giddy with the surprise and truly proud of her win.