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Episode Recap: Off With Their Heads


This week's Foundation Challenge takes it way back to the very first "Don't Look Me In the Eyes" celebrity: Medusa. The remaining six contestants create their own interpretation of a victim of the snake-haired monster. Guest judge Michele Burke is no stranger to creatures of fright: she masterminded the makeup in The Cell, Interview With a Vampire and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, so you could say she knows a thing or two about creatures and their prey. In two hours' time, the lab is full of characters turning to stone or gathering moss after their many years as statues. George, who added moss and lichen to his character, creates one of Michele's favorite looks, but Stella, who layered many colors of paint into the stone work and added prosthetics for a deep-set eye, is the top look this challenge. Stella gains the usual bragging rights and warm, fuzzy feeling, and she also wins a spray booth from Paasche worth over two thousand dollars. Way to go Stella!

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No time to rest on your laurels (or lick your wounds, if that's where you landed) as we're quickly on to the Spotlight Challenge – also of the Greek myth persuasion! This time it's gods, not villains, that will be the focus. Each artist must create their vision of one of six gods, with their powers and attributes embodied in their appearance. Not only that, but they'll also have to create the severed head of a vanquished foe for the god to brandish – it's basically two makeups in one challenge! Three days for a face, cowl, concept, costume and severed head? Not exactly a snoozer this week.

Cig, who's recreating Apollo, notices that his sculpt is looking a lot like his alien from a few weeks ago. Midway through the day, he scraps the direction he's going and starts in on a different design. Stella, who forgot to put pry points in her mold (the things that allow you to open the mold) loses a big chunk of time getting the sucker open. Not only that, but she oversculpted the face, meaning she has a ton of patching to do on application day to make the two pieces fit together and look, well, divine.

Sasha winds up with Athena, the goddess of war and wisdom. Her symbol is an owl, but Sasha already did an owl makeup … and Athena had Hercules slay Medusa, but they kinda already did a Medusa makeup … so … she's feeling stuck. By the time Mr. Westmore does his walkthrough, she's decided that Medusa will be the severed head, but it'll still be alive and controlling Athena, who has been turned to stone. Mr. Westmore warns that it's a tricky concept to pull off, and the severed head will have to feel vibrantly alive.

Joining the judges this week is Scott Wilson, actor from In the Heat of the Night, Monster and The Walking Dead (spoiler alert: he used to be on The Walking Dead, until the character, Hershel, got his head cut off, making him uniquely suited to join us tonight!). He, along with the other judges, love Cig's Apollo, though they're confused by the severed head (it's a plague monster, but that doesn't exactly read) and underwhelmed by the capped sleeves of his tunic. Appropriately, they fall in love with Dina's Aphrodite, who wears an ornate, symmetrical, and beautifully painted shell-and-pearl cowl and is decorated elegantly from head to toe. They have no doubt: she is this week's only top look, and thus the winner – an announcement that brings Dina to tears of joy.

Less impressive was George's Zeus. Did Lois really say Zeus had man boobs? Yes, she did. And then Neville said it, too. Just when we thought this show couldn't get any more delightful! Sasha's stony Athena also sank to the bottom, and this look was the one to send her home. She knows she went off track with the severed head (Neville says she looks like a Japanese sex doll) and the stone face that looks more like sand. She's learned a ton, and with her usual sunny attitude, tells the judges that this will only fuel her to learn more and keep going.