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Episode Recap: Teacher's Pets


It's back to school time for the contestants, but not just any school – high school. Last week's childhood fear challenge was nothing compared to the horrors of revisiting their high school years! To lighten things up a bit, McKenzie has them choose the names of mythical creatures – Gaun, Cyclops, Goblin, Minotaur – from lockers in front of them. Inside the lockers are the names of different cliques, and they combine these elements to create their very own high school student from a mythic dimension.

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Rachael is feeling stuck with her cheerleader faun, since she was more in the artsy, quiet clique than the chipper, loud one, but she decides to push an edge for herself by sculpting backwards-bending calves – much like a goat would have – onto the model's legs. Dina and George both chose goblins, so they create a backstory of the two characters being siblings: Dina creates Meg Oblin, the band nerd younger sister to Doug Oblin, the older, dumber jock. They may not understand each other – and Doug may hardly know what words are – but they care about each other very much.

Sasha has a Cyclops cheerleader, and since Cyclops actually means "round eye," she decides to diverge from the norm and sculpt a great many eyes onto her character. But when Mr. Westmore and McKenzie do their walk-through, neither of them get "Cyclops" from Sasha’s makeup. It's too late for her to totally resculpt her face, but she takes away the two big eyes, replaces them with some fancy webbing for her model to see through, and places one big eye smack in the center of the forehead.

Stella took a little too long sculpting her face and is in a huge crunch getting her mold set in time, but she manages to pull it off in literally the last few moments. Sasha's choice to use many eyes didn't exactly work in her favor – come reveal day, her character looks more like an alien than a Cyclops – but she's safe, along with Stella's emo minotaur and Dina's band geek goblin. Doug Oblin wasn't so lucky – the judges don't see much detail in the blocky head and jaw, nor do they really see goblin through much of the makeup.

Rachael's cheerleader faun had an unfortunate mishap in losing her horns (they were too heavy to stay on her head) and so the only feature that says "faun" are the ears, covered by heaps of hair. The notion to create goat legs was a good one, but the pieces didn't turn out clean. Rachael goes home this week, bummed that she didn't pull off something stronger, but grateful for the opportunity to be here.

Cig's nerdy Minotaur, with an atomic wedgie and dribble of snot hanging from his nose, is in top looks. The judges love the detailed freckling he did all along the arms, and the expression is dumb and spacey without being baked in. Drew, who's been pulling to be in top looks, also makes it there with his emo faun, largely inspired by his students at the Tom Savini special effects makeup studio. The feel of the piece is so complete, accurate and expressive that it earns Drew his first win! He's totally thrilled, and much more confident to go forth and win more challenges!