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Episode Recap: Dressed to Kill

The artists select a stunning avant-garde outfit as inspiration for their own stylish horror villain.


McKenzie brings the artists to the famous rock club Whisky a Go Go to introduce a challenge inspired by one of the makeup industry's own rock stars: Clive Barker!

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Barker took the horror movie villain from the strong silent type, like Jason Voorhees, to the intelligent, and some might say chic, Pinhead from Hellraiser. Clive joins them via a giant video monitor to share insight into that particular creation, noting that he scoured the punk clubs of the day to get the cutting edge of fashion. He urges them to look to fashion for this challenge, and McKenzie helps out by bringing out a slouch of models in avant-garde outfits that they'll use as inspiration for this challenge.

Stephanie, who's usually crackerjack at creating concepts, struggles with solidifying anything for this challenge. By the time her coach, Laura, comes around, she's super frustrated ... and when Mr. Westmore shows up and she still hasn't laid down any clay, both she and Laura start to wonder if this will be the challenge that does her in.

Rayce is also nervous, since he now only has two horses in the … um … race. But in a way that’s a good thing – he can divide all of his time and attention between Logan, whose villain uses his own arms as a catalogue of the various types of poison he administers to his victims, and to Adam, who conjures an alien-like creature with a regal flair. Kelly is super-excited about this challenge, being a huge horror aficionado and even bigger Clive Barker fan, and creates a gory murderess so enamored of plastic surgery that she destroys her own face in her zealotry. Ben is also a keen Barker fan, and his focus on bringing the designs of a silvery skirt and black leather bodice into a sleek face and cowl is razor sharp.

Jamie decides to focus on the webbing aspect of her model's costume to create a black widow character, but her coach, Anthony, isn't really seeing the beauty that needs to come through the face sculpt or the menace that would make the cowl scary. Julian, meanwhile, pushes the clock by focusing on more sculpting details before hitting the mold room. He knows he's taking a risk, but he doesn't want a repeat of his last solo challenge with a rough sculpt! And Emily has a great plan to create a cage over her character's entire head using string, but when the structure collapses under its own weight on application day, she has to scrap it and whip up something fabulous out of feathers – which she does, naturally. She's like the MacGyver of makeup, this one.

The judges love Emily's look, and though it's iconic, it's not quite "Barker" – at least according to Mark Allen Miller, the co-head of Clive Barker's production company and guest judge on tonight's show. She earns a special mention but isn't in Top Looks alongside Julian's super-scary, wormlike soul sucker, Kelly's bloodthirsty, sexy psycho, or Ben's sleek enigma. There are some really strong looks this week, for very different reasons, and Ben's quicksilver murderer takes the competition for being, as Mark says, the next generation of Barker.

The two Bottom Looks this week are Jamie and Stephanie, both of whose concepts kinda got away from them. Stephanie's killer looked a little more sad and sympathetic than maniacal or intimidating, and Jamie's black widow missed the beauty she intended for her concept and the practical execution of spider anatomy in the cowl she sculpted. Jamie's execution was just not sharp enough this week, and we bid her a fond farewell as she packs her kit and heads to her next adventure.

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