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Episode Recap: Miss Intergalactic

Inspired by the sexy aliens of Avatar and Species, the artists select a sash with the name of a real galaxy and fashion its beauty queen.


The artists who have made it this far on the show are incredibly skilled with brushes, tools and paints – which is why, for this Foundation Challenge, McKenzie took them all away! Drawing from the Holi Festival of India – wherein friends and foes alike hurl colored powders at each other – the contestants will cover their models with bright powders in a design that represents the passing away of winter and the coming of spring.

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After two hours on the beach flinging fistfuls of purple, pink, blue and orange at their models, it's time for the makeups to be judged and the immunity to be awarded! The competitors step away from their creations and the coaches come in to judge the work – blind, as it were – and award the prize. From highly representational to abstract designs, the looks amaze and delight. One stands out: a wash of color that transitions from cool greens to soft oranges to give the effect of a light shining on the model and thawing him out. The talented winner is Stephanie! After a rough time on Bottom Looks last week, she's excited to know that she'll be moving forward no matter what – and determined to at least get a Top Look this time, if not a win!

Come Spotlight Challenge time, Emily almost pees herself with excitement – it's an alien beauty pageant! In three days time, the reveal stage will host the first annual Miss Intergalactic Beauty Pageant. Here to lend advice is Gabriela Isler (whose recent title of Miss Universe now seems a little provincial), who notes that the pageant is not only about physical beauty but also about personality – so get that concept cookin'! She calls up the contestants to choose sashes with names of various galaxies as inspiration and they get to struttin' their stuff.

Kelly is excited about the brightness of her Sombrero Galaxy and imagines a beauty with multiple sets of eyes. Her coach, Anthony, warns her that this could look a little arachnid-ish, and Kelly has a burst of tears when she realizes she has to change her concept. She gets back on the train, though, and uses the galaxy's shape to craft tentacles into the hairdo.

Ben was aglow on the beach but back in the lab he's uninspired. He decides on a three-prong motif for his character, which is dope, but the 'beauty' aspect of the challenge is eluding him. Anthony is his coach, as well, and he's worried by this – he only has two of his teammates left in the game, and he doesn't want to lose another one!

Meanwhile, Laura makes a great point about symmetry being "universally beautiful," so her tutee Darla takes the asymmetrical spiral shape of her Sculptor Galaxy from the cowl and shifts it to the sides of her alien's head. She broadens the face and keeps the whole look elegant and regal. Adam goes for Old Hollywood glamour for his Miss Cigar Galaxy and brings the inhospitable nature of the place into the design with volcanic reds and blacks and a sweeping, rocky crest for the profile. Julian, whose Whirlpool Galaxy is one of the youngest around, goes for a simple, youthful wave shape for the top of the head and brings in the fresh greens of the galaxy for the coloring of the piece.

Classic beauties Miss Whirlpool Galaxy (Julian) and Miss Sculptor Galaxy (Darla) meet the cutting edge Miss Cigar Galaxy (Adam) in Top Looks. They’re all stunning, original and compelling, but it's Miss Sculptor who really impresses with her leading-lady glamour and powerful profile. She wins Miss Intergalactic and Darla wins this week's challenge!

In Bottom Looks are Ben, who really swung for the fences but went a little foul of the challenge with his belligerent, rather than beautiful, makeup, and Kelly, who had some great ideas ... but maybe a few too many. Kelly's Miss Sombrero took too many good things and came up with something confusing and, sadly, Kelly goes home tonight.

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