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Episode Recap: Sounding Off

The artists compose a unique character inspired by the original sounds of two-time Oscar nominee Erik Aadahl (Godzilla, World War Z).


On your marks, get set, PAINT! It's a Foundation Challenge relay race, where the contestants are randomly grouped into teams and the winner gets immunity. One at a time, the artists dash behind a partition to apply a touch of makeup to a model, using only the model's groovy gloves as a clue as to character. They have 20 minutes to make their mark before they leave their own clue for the next teammate, who will then build off of the previous makeup work.

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Guest judging this extravaganza is Jill Wagner, a wearer of prosthetic makeup on Teen Wolf and judge of contestants in extreme conditions on Wipeout – she's a perfect fit to judge this challenge.

Jill's favorite look is Kelly, Adam, and Rob's 'Princess Meg,' the intergalactic DJ, as their team was best able to blend the various contributions into one cohesive character. Adam's choice of a bold, bright blue wig makes the whole thing pop and Jill deems him the challenge champ! He plans to use his immunity to make creative choices that he'd normally shy away from.

McKenzie has a special announcement following the race ... about the man who will fill in for Rayce in this episode. This coach has to take care of a very important client, and won't be in the lab for this week's challenge. Taking up the mantle will be two-time competitor and everybody's favorite middle school teacher, RJ! Team Rayce would be bummed that their coach is leaving, but RJ's the coolest, so it's totes OK.

The artists arrive at the historic Newman Scoring Stage at Fox Studios, where the cellos hummed those two classic notes for the Jaws theme and an orchestra laid down the foundation for Julie Andrews' silvery songs for The Sound of Music. This is a Spotlight Challenge like you've never seen before – because it can only be heard! Academy Award-nominated sound designer Erik Aadahl has composed mini soundscapes that will inspire the artists, working in their chosen teams of two as they create an original character.

Logan and Rob have a sound they describe as "T-Rex with a cold" and they decide to make a full-body fabricated suit, a notion RJ questions with love but supports them in pursuing. Regina and Adam, who hear a cybernetic sound with a robotic voice, can't agree on which direction to take: Adam wants to go full robot, but Regina feels like that's been done. She pushes for an intergalactic super soldier, and since he has immunity, he cedes to her choice. They've lost a lot of time, though, and getting their work to the necessary level of excellence will be tough.

Also behind on time are Julian and Ben, who just plain don't know what to make of their breathy, ragged sound. Laura and Anthony coach them to get specific about the direction at least (maybe just a genre, even?) and finally suggest they go sketch for a while more. What they come up with is a demonic executioner – and yes, it is every bit as badass as it sounds.

Stephanie and Kelly jump right into their concept when they hear a ticking clock, whirring gears and tiny bells: a clockmaker recreates his deceased wife in the form of a wind-up doll, but she's fallen into disrepair and is cracked and weathered. Stephanie finds she has a little extra time after their careful sculpt and mold and creates a prop antique photograph of the once-happy couple. Jamie and Emily are also in sync with their bird-huntress, though Emily's cowl made of latex and paper towels -- while it looks amazing -- is very time-consuming and they race against the clock.

On the reveal stage, Stephanie and Kelly easily stride into Top Looks alongside Julian and Ben's demon. Because the character matched the sound so well, Stephanie and Kelly win the challenge! Highlights are the careful cracking of the porcelain, the effective mix of gloss and matte textures in the paint and the special touch the photograph lent the character. Because the prop and the overall concept were Stephanie’s she’s named this week's champ! She'll be going into the rest of the competition with a big boost of confidence.

On Bottom Looks were Darla and Anthony, whose concept of a ghost that wears the faces of its victims like a cloak, had promise, but the sculpt fell short with itskitty whiskers and a chest that fell flat.

Adam and Regina join them with an incohesive face and chest. The judges like Adam's chest sculpt and Regina's cowl, but the face, also sculpted by Regina, is rough and saggy. Although they know she's a talented artist, she just didn't pull it off this week, and Regina goes home.

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