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Episode Recap: Super Selfies

The artists shape their own personal superhero or villain alter-egos, using themselves as their own models! Guest Judge: Todd McFarlane.


How many hours have we spent debating whether the best superpower was flying or being able to read minds? That very debate is one that our artists will have with themselves as they create the most amazing, powerful, awesomest, coolest superheroes they can in this week's Spotlight Challenge. Why do they have to be so dope? Well, because it's down to the final seven, for one thing, but also because they'll be creating superheroes (or supervillains!) that they themselves will become! Just as Clark Kent is the alter ego to Superman, so Ben will be to ... uh, SuperBen. Or something.

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Anyway, applying makeup to yourself is one of the toughest jobs an artist can take on, and it has some folks, like Stephanie, shook up. She can't settle on a concept and her time is running short. She finally settles on a simple demonic face appliance; her coach, Laura, underscores how vital it is that since she's doing a simple makeup, it has to be pristine and perfect. Adam, on the other hand, is flying (figuratively, that is): he was inspired to draw superheroes as a kid, so this challenge brings him right back to childhood! He creates a big, bumbling, clumsy superhero who has trouble controlling his powers and creates messes wherever he goes. He finds sauce pots, big plastic buckets and coiled pipe and fuses them all together to make ridiculously huge arm pieces, painting the whole thing a distressed red. What fun!

Also having a blast, despite his coach Rayce's worried "Don't bite off more than you can chew" looks, is Logan. His character, Slayer, is a dragon-human hybrid with wings made out of cheesecloth, latex, foam noodles and sheer joy. Emily, despite having some setbacks, is loving building an Earth Mother hero, inspired by her mom. By the time she gets to Last Looks, however, she realizes that the bouffant hairdo and layers of flowers don't read 'superhero' at all. She walks onstage with a shy mien and hopes for the best.

The judges are joined this week by renowned comic book writer/artist Todd McFarlane (Spawn). All four judges like Emily's makeup – as a makeup – but for this challenge it's not in the right ballpark. She's in Bottom Looks along with Stephanie, whose paint job left the judges cold. This, paired with a forehead shape that they've seen hundreds of times before (Ve compares it to Kiefer Sutherland's vampire look in The Lost Boys, released all the way back in 1987), makes for Stephanie's last week on Face Off. She's sad but also really proud of the work she's done and the ways she's surprised herself.

On the other end of the spectrum is Crimson Wave, the hilarious candy apple red get-up Adam constructed for himself, made even more delightful by Adam's total disappearance into the character. He literally made the judges LOL. Also tremendous is Slayer, Logan's hero, who has his own smoky voice and can rattle off his own legend with a sense of mystique. The wings, the detailing on the face appliance, the scales, the logo – Logan hit all of the elements this challenge cried out for! He vanquishes this challenge as a true hero should.

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