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Episode Recap: The Dream Team

The three finalists must create characters that could star in a film from one of three genres: Sci-Fi, Fantasy or Post-Apocalyptic.


Just as Julian was eliminated and Darla, Emily and Logan named the three finalists, McKenzie tells them all that their finale challenge will be the most difficult one in Face Off history. We know what you're thinking: "Harder than an underwater challenge? Harder than a dance battle challenge?" And the answer is a resounding "Yes": each finalist must create four original characters. Four! And to help get this done, McKenzie brings back the entire eliminated cast. The finalists choose their teams and then it's off to bed with no further information.

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The next day, a red carpet, searchlights and all the accoutrements of a movie premiere fill the lab. Get ready for a blockbuster, y'all, 'cause the teams will nowcreate their own Dream Team fit for an epic hero franchise. After choosing blind one of three genres, the finalists get to pick ten words from which to form the title of their future smash hit: Darla's fantasy film is The Spirits of Eden; Emily's post-apocalyptic adventure, Paradise Reckoning, is a reimagining of The Wizard of Oz; and Logan crafts a sci-fi adventure entitled The Fortress.

Darla is pretty excited about her concept – four elemental spirits banding together to fight evil in the Garden of Eden after the departure of Adam and Eve – but then Laura brings to her attention the weird ickiness of putting a beautiful face on a worm body. That's maybe a little too outside the box, Darla. Together they decide on a tree spirit with an ornate silhouette of oyster mushrooms and try to make up for lost time.

Laura checks in on her other favorite child, Emily, and sees that she's powering ahead with her heroes, mutated by radiation into the things that would've killed them – wood, metal, glass and leather. Emily obsesses a little over the face of the glass character, needing to get it just right, but when she takes a break she sees that some of the other work isn't going according to her plan. She takes charge and sweeps through all the characters with authority, but this means that some details aren't going to exactly fit her vision.

Logan has a similar moment when he realizes that Gregory put hours of effort into a craftsman detail that won't make a bit of difference on the reveal stage. Once he gets Gregory back on track, he endeavors to get back some lost time, makes some tough decisions (no armature wire in the skunk tail! Gaff tape, not hot glue!) and gets every character looking like complete and camera-ready characters.

Last Looks ends with an electricity in the air that makes the final brush dropping to the ground echo like dynamite. The artists and their creations head to their own kind of movie premiere: an after-hours extravaganza at Universal Studios Hollywood, where the moviegoing public gazes upon the wonder of these new hero teams, and votes for their favorite. The judges take this time to closely inspect each concept and application, and after evaluating the public's opinions, they'll make their final choice for this season's Face Off champion – and crown the first ever two-time champ from the coaches!

All three judges are tickled and intrigued by the humor and personality Logan put into his team of intelligent, mutated animal vigilantes, sailing through the cosmos on the S.S. Moreau, saving other animals from being horribly experimented on, as they were. The ships mechanic, a skunk who quarantines herself so the rest of the crew won't have to absorb her funky odor, is the real standout.

Emily did amazing work on the shards-of-glass breastplate on her character, Shard, and her team member, Regina, sculpted a "leather" breastplate for another character that seems to be growing right out of the character's own skin – a technical and artistic wonder. Each figure has its own unique personality while at the same time cohering into a fleshed-out whole, making the world and the concept – misfits who join each other to save the last human baby – come vibrantly alive.

The live audience's favorite "film" was Darla's, largely due to her captivating faun character, who not only played the pan flute to control the element of air but was herself a wind instrument, with flute holes on her chest plate and horns that resonate with sound. The fire elemental was entrancing with her simple beauty makeup and seamless face appliance. The magic and richness of this world swept the judges away, making Darla this season's champion! Laura is proud of her team member and humbled and excited to be the show's first ever two-time champ.

Congrats to all!

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