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The Faces of Face Off: Season 8, Episode 10

This week had the artists turning THEMSELVES into superhero (or supervillain!) alter-egos.

By Bryan Enk

"This challenge might be the most daunting in Face Off history!"

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So claimed McKenzie regarding last week's task that had the artists turning THEMSELVES into superhero (or supervillain!) alter-egos.

  1. "No problem," said Logan, though a quick coy look made us realize he was making a jokey-joke.

  2. Not surprisingly, the artists utilizing themselves as their own models made for some self-consciousness. For instance, Emily seemed to be very aware of the fact that there were eyes on her as she did a test run on her base makeup.

  3. Even Rayce couldn't help but notice Camera A after Logan told him he was planning on creating wings for his human-dragon hybrid character.

  4. The challenge inspired some terrific work from all the artists … and a previously unrevealed knack for playacting. For instance, Adam really got into his portrayal of his wisecracking, bumbling superhero, the Crimson Wave.

  5. And Logan incorporated a highly amusing "superhero voice" for his character: Slayer, Defender of Dragons (and Humans, Too).

  6. Ben went supervillain with his character, transforming himself into a downed military pilot resurrected as an undead killing machine (RoboCop's ne'er-do-well cousin, if you will). Some people suffer from runny noses; this guy's always got a runny bloody mouth. Badass!

  7. Julian went to the dark side for his character as well, becoming an anti-hero devil-demon who wants to do good but just can't help being bad. Upon request from the judges (including guest judge and Spawn creator Todd McFarlane), Julian demonstrated just how expressive his makeup could be. Snarl! Grimace! Hell!

Next Episode: Off to the playground!