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The Faces of Face Off: Season 8, Episode 14

Let's do one last The Faces of Face Off for the road, shall we? (At least until Season 9.)

By Bryan Enk

Here we are at the end of the eighth season of Face Off. There were a lot of crazy, wonderful, difficult challenges that tested the artistic skills and mental limits of the contestants, resulting in 14 episodes of full-blown, no-holds-barred creativity.

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With that, let's do one last The Faces of Face Off for the road, shall we? (At least until Season 9).

Season 8, Episode 14: "The Dream Team"

The final episode of any season of Face Off brings a whole slew of contrasting and conflicting emotions. The stress and excitement is at an all-time high, to the point where even the smallest and most benign announcement or situation can inspire a facial expression for the books.

  1. For instance, here's Emily right after McKenzie said their final challenge would be to create four (four!) characters … and that she wouldn't be revealing any other details until the next day.


  2. Here's Logan at the exact same moment.


  3. The following morning, Teams Logan, Darla and Emily got the skinny on their final task: conjure four characters that could star in a genre-specific movie franchise. Oh, and they'll all be presented at Universal Studios Hollywood at their own "premiere," a twist that inspired jaw-dropping surprise from Emily.


  4. And incredulousness from Logan and Alan.


  5. It was a mad busy three days for the teams and, in the end, Darla was crowned the winner of Season 8. Below is the face of a champion, about half a second after Glenn announced her name.


  6. The eliminated contestants who came back to assist the three finalists in their last challenge were rather pleased, especially Anthony and Stephanie. (Alan still seems to be processing.)


See you in July for more Face Off … and more Faces of Face Off!