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The Faces of Face Off: Season 8, Episode 9

The artists were each assigned a galaxy and charged with creating its beauty queen.

By Bryan Enk

You ready for a day at the beach?

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Episode 9 of Season 8 started off with a visit to one of the many gorgeous beaches found in Southern California as the artists participated in a Foundation Challenge inspired by the Holi Festival (also known as the Festival of Spring or Festival of Love), armed with only colored powder and models in swimsuits.

  1. Stephanie was especially taken with this challenge, belting out a high note in celebration of the transition of bleak winter (such as it is in L.A.) to glorious springtime!

  2. Stephanie's enthusiasm paid off as she was deemed the winner (and granted immunity in the Spotlight Challenge), which she celebrated with an impromptu rain dance that probably didn't work - after all, as rain counts as breaking news in Los Angeles, we probably would've heard about it.

  3. On to the Spotlight Challenge: The Miss Intergalactic Beauty Pageant! The artists were each assigned a galaxy and charged with creating its beauty queen. For those of you who think aliens can't be babes, just take a look at James T. Kirk's ladyfriend here.

  4. As usual, Kelly brought the excitement, having been charged with Miss Sombrero Galaxy.

  5. Ben was excited, too. Really, this is Ben's "excited" face, according to Miss Universe 2013, Gabriela Isler.

  6. Kelly was actually more competitive than usual with this challenge, claiming there can only be ONE Miss Universe, and the battle is on for the title.

    Unfortunately, Kelly's Miss Sombrero Galaxy wasn't exactly out of this world, and she was sent home. We'll miss your wonderful facial expressions, Kelly!
  7. Here's one last Kelly-face for the road.

Next week, you'll believe a Face Off contestant can fly …