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Episode Recap: All That Glitters

The artists turn male models into Shakespearean females.


Shakespeare wrote, well, maybe not the original drag shows, but his all-male players back in the 1600s certainly left it all on the floor when they played women. In celebration of the grand tradition of gender bending, this week will be a Focus Challenge to turn male models into a witch, fairy or queen created by The Bard.

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Evan is petrified from the get-go; he's never done a gender swap or a beauty makeup, and even Mr. Westmore's advice can't bring him out of his creative paralysis. His character, Hecate, is a witch from the Scottish Play, but he takes her in a queen direction with the tall hair, arched eyebrows and fierce strut. With every stroke of paint, he feels he's digging his grave deeper, and the judges agree. The lack of femininity, compounded with the missed opportunity to go full-witch on this b*tch, puts him in Bottom Looks.

Ricky, who struggled with turning his chiseled model into innocent Ophelia from Hamlet, knows he's headed for trouble when his application starts warping and wrinkling. This is supposed to be a sweet (if crazy) maiden, not a twisted hag! He tries to turn the pockmarks in the appliance into scabs from where she obsessively picked at her own face (grody) but it's still not working. He knows he's headed for Bottom Looks, and, in fact, the judges send him home. He takes the news with his usual sunny attitude, knowing he tried his best and hoping he inspires somebody, somewhere with a crazy dream to follow it.

Stevie, who's been working on that confidence thing the judges nudged her towards, is actually liking her Amazon warrior queen, Hippolyta, from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Her appliance is simple but really brings out the femininity, and her color combinations pop and sparkle just enough for this warrior. She shares Top Looks with Meg, who conjured Queen Mab, bringer of dreams ...

... a fitting job description, since Meg has to pinch herself when she learns she's finally out of the Bottom Looks rut she wallowed in for too long! Meg not only managed to bring beauty and softness to her male model but also created an imaginative insect character with striking bug eyes and a spider-leg crown. Her application was strong, and her conceptual risk paid off. She wins the challenge! It's just what she needed after such a rough streak.